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Site…Search Terms (Month of Thanksgiving Day 7)

(Month of Thanksgiving is exactly what it sounds like: a [hopefully] daily dose of the things for which I give thanks during the month of November.)

Today I am thankful for ease of access to site statistics. (I’ve used Dreamhost for years, and am really pleased with the service and the tools I have access to through them.) Sometimes, as with most website owners, I take a look at the search terms that send people to the website. Frequently they make me grin, and today I thought I would share them with you all.

marie carlson: Fitting, obviously.
blood moon werewolf mask: The new werewolf western?
dominant woman submissive man (and variations): Fitting in a certain way. I do write a lot of dominant women.
female werewolf tf: I found this delightful animation when performing this search myself.
wolves and werewolves pack a.d: I featured this song in a couple of the Music Mondays posts. It’s a gorgeous song.
authors who write about submissive men: I write more about dominant women, but I hope you all found what you wanted.
dont fear the reaper artist in the howling reborn: Like I said in a Werewolf Wednesday post, I think it is the Gus cover, but I don’t know for sure. Can anyone confirm that?

Delightful search terms this time around.

Site Admin…What do you like to see in author bios?

I just updated my “about me” page, and I thought I would share it here and also ask for input. I hate writing bios, but it comes up frequently when submitting. I tend to use the same bio for all submissions, but I thought I might want to have a more robust bio here and also change it up a little when submitting to the same publisher, as I tend to do.

So my question to you is: What do you like to see in author bios? (Or what would you like to see in mine?)

And here’s the new bio for the site, at least until I process any suggestions.

Marie Carlson lives in the Midwest of the USA. By day she fights crime (masks optional), by night she writes about the magic twisting through the world (monsters not optional), and frequently she disappears during the full moon. She loves motorcycles; breaking society’s assumptions about madness, fatness, and queerness; and iced tea. Her siblings are legion and her parents amazing.

You can reach her online the following ways:

Facebook…Marie Carlson
Goodreads…Marie Carlson

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In Progress

Content to come.

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