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Moon Cycle…November’s Full Moon (Month of Thanksgiving Day 10)

(Month of Thanksgiving is exactly what it sounds like: a [hopefully] daily dose of the things for which I give thanks during the month of November.)

Today I am thankful for the gorgeous full moon. The Frosty Moon, the Full Beaver Moon, the Moon of Thanksgiving, whatever you want to call it, it is gorgeous. It was gorgeous last night, too. The Kansas City area was horribly gray and cloudy and stormy on Monday and Tuesday, so the sky had been invisible earlier in the week. Add that to the fact that I can’t believe it is really November 10, and I was taken by surprise this month. I got out of my car when I came home from work (late), and suddenly I was bathed in moonlight. The sky was perfectly clear, the stars bright, the moon brighter still, the air no longer bitter, but crisp in my lungs. I took a moment to stand there, head tilted back so I could gaze up at the sky, and in that moment, there was peace. Peace I desperately needed.

So yes, today I am thankful for the full moon.