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I Recommend…Heat

I recommend Heat by Tory Temple. It’s a quick, sharp story filled with phenomenal dialog, realistic romance, and delicious sex. If you like a good balance between porn and plot, a realistic portrayal of being gay in a straight-male-dominated profession, and excellent characterization, I think you’ll enjoy this book.

Tory says about Heat:

Chance thinks he’s got a pretty good life. He loves his job as a fireman, he’s got an ocean view, and he has a great bunch of friends. He figured there’s not much reason to change until he meets Tucker, a paramedic who works his shift. Tucker might even be worth breaking the don’t ask, don’t tell policy at work, might just be worth coming out for.

Trouble threatens to tear the two apart, though, when Chance is injured, which takes a toll on all of his relationships, most importantly the one he had developed with Tucker. In fact, it shatters everything they’ve worked so hard for. Can Chance and Tucker rebuild their lives, coming back together to be better than ever?

I Recommend…Lunacy

I recommend “Lunacy” by Elizabeth Reeve in the short story collection Like an Animal: Erotic Tales of Werewolves.

It can be purchased in these formats: E-Reader/Palm | PDF | Multiformat at Fictionwise

Nota bene: I have not read the other stories in the collection. Elizabeth is a friend of mine and I had the privilege to read an early draft. It was a delightful, delicious story about a really likeable female werewolf. I recommend that story and can’t speak for the others. I hope they are all enjoyable.

Elizabeth says this about the story:

“Lunacy” is about Janet, a young werewolf who is having trouble reconciling her human and animal impulses. With the help of her therapist – who believes that Janet is bipolar – and a former one-night stand, she just might start to figure herself out.

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