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I Recommend…”The Spy Who…” by Andrea Howe

Circlet Press’s Fiction Friday publishes a new microfiction every Friday. I love this idea, and recently read “The Spy Who…” by Andrea Howe.


I really enjoyed the plot, a simple Queen and her number one spy trying to decipher a hidden message, and the use of the sex to further the plot. The language, including the names, is very florid and though maybe it is true to this particular romance style, in places it seemed forced. Overall, I liked the story and look forward to reading more of Howe’s writing.


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Publications…”Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”

I think I can announce this now, since the contract is in and the first round of edits have been completed. My first short story publication will be “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”(1) in Torqure Press’s “Bite Me” anthology.

I’ll post information and links here as they are available, and maybe even an excerpt which was cut from an early draft.

“thousand miles of fire” is a sexy threesome story about a demon involved with two vampires and their fun sexy escapades.

(1) Though until the proofs come in, I suppose this is still a working title and may change.

I Recommend…Rainbow Reviews interviewed Tory Temple

Rainbow Reviews (a GLBT book review site) interviewed Tory Temple here. It has some fun questions and answers and Tory’s always entertaining.