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Publications…”Hunter, Prey” release day

To add to my end of the year joy, today is the release day for Circlet Press’s Like Tooth and Claw anthology, which includes my story, “Hunter, Prey.” (Isn’t that an awesome title? I mean Like Tooth and Claw, but actually, I think “Hunter, Prey” is pretty awesome, too.)

“Hunter, Prey” is the story of Aisha, a black woman in her thirties who loves to hunt, both animals and sexual partners. Her Halloween fling with the strange and sexy Finn becomes something much more when she’s attacked by a mountain lion while deer hunting in the wilds of Missouri and suddenly she’s faced with a whole new meaning for the word hunter — and the word prey.

Like Tooth and Claw is available for sale at a number of places!

Circlet Press’s sales page (PDF)
Amazon Kindle
All Romance Ebooks

Description: In recent years, paranormal romance has become an incredibly popular and steamy genre, delving into the romantic potential of such fantastic creatures as werewolves, and Circlet Press has certainly done our share of werewolf books (Faewolf, Alpha, Like An Animal, The Beast Within). However, wolves are far from the only animal with fantasy potential. Now, Circlet is taking the next step in Like Tooth and Claw, exploring shapeshifters beyond the traditional werewolves.

The six stories in Like Tooth and Claw feature vastly different kinds of shapeshifters, from lions to seals, but the theme of self-discovery remains constant throughout the anthology. Through their transformations into animals that walk, crawl, swim, or fly, the characters learn what it truly means to be an animal, and what it means to be human. Shapeshifting brings freedom, but at what price? Like Tooth and Claw tackles that question and more.

Table of Contents:
• Hunter, Prey by Marie Carlson
• Eagle Eyed by Helen Dring
• Tonight We Work in Silk by Lee Harrington
• Northern Sea by Alex Monagan
• Waylaid by Julie Cox
• Lioness by Amanda Ferry

Links…Werewolf links

Some werewolf links filling my tabs lately.

1) Werewolf t-shirts at Cafe Press. (Twilight heavy, unfortunately.)
2) Fangoria #290 sneak peak: The Wolfman (I can’t wait for this issue and this movie. One of these days I really need to just get a subscription to the magazine.)
3) Speaking of The Wolfman, the final French Wolfman poster is gorgeous.
4) Being Human filming season two and the actors for Annie and George talk about being back in the house. (Video link.)

I seem to have closed some links, because I thought I had more.

I am actually kind of worried about The Wolfman’s release. First, it would have made much more sense to release it around Halloween, but whatever. Second, though I know people are willing to go see horror movies on Valentine’s Day weekend (come on, I am not only willing but prefer to see horror movies then — and just about any time of the year), it’s not really a traditional time to release horror movies for good reason. And finally, Valentine’s Day is also being released that weekend and have you seen the cast list? Holy major league line-up, Batman.

A friend and I were joking around the other day that the only money The Wolfman will get that weekend will be ours. It’s funny ’cause it might be true. We’re laughing so we don’t mourn. Etc. and so on and so forth.

Still, I’m looking forward to it.

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