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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-31
  • Happy official release day @kehealey (where you are, at least). I finished reading Guardian of the Dead last night and adored it even more. #
  • Hahaha. @chr0me, check out today's shirt! #
  • Fun interview where author @ErickaScott talks writing, publisher problems, and more. #
  • Don't forget to rec a werewolf story to me: Twitter… 500th Twitter Message contest #
  • Finished the next chapter of the #werewolf and #ghost story. Progress has picked up. Now to finish that non-fiction project. #amwriting #
  • @tamarbatavraham I ended up finishing Guardian of the Dead last night. Loved it even better on this read than when I read an early draft. #
  • @tamarbatavraham Me too. I'm trying to decide if I can afford to send it to all my siblings. #
  • Having one of those nights where I want to take scissors and cut off most of my hair. Sadly, I can't tame it enough for a short choppy bob. #
  • I rolled dice for a random number (pretty dice at that) and @tamarbatavraham won the 500th Twitter post contest. Look for an email tomorrow. #

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Werewolf Wednesday…Movies, Gladiators, and Westerns

Plot Details and Artwork for Gladiators v. Werewolves: Edge of Empire.

That’s getting to be quite a long title, isn’t it. I really like the tagline, though: The Hunt. The Trap. The Games. I’m a fan of stories about hunting and trapping, especially when humans are the prey. Or werewolves hunting other werewolves. Or — okay, basically I just like hunting and trapping stories.

Slaughter’s Road renamed to Wolves.

Director David Hayter describes it as “Twilight with a bit more bite to it, and without abstinence.” I am not really sure how those things mean it’s anything like Twilight, but whatever, I’m interested.

Blood Moon trailer.

I love western werewolves, but this looks really, really horribly cheesy and over acted. I’m not sure it will be bad in the right way to be a good bad movie, but we’ll see.

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-30
  • Just broke 50k on the #werewolf & #ghost story. Sadly, it's bedtime, but at least I made progress & made characters sad. #amwriting #
  • @ultraswan Thanks! Led to weird dreams, but I'm still glad to have the writing done. (Giant octopus loose in my house. Weird, weird dreams.) #
  • @kehealey How do you ease the transition between fiction writing and nonfiction writing if you have to do both every day? #
  • @kessho Welcome home! Are you glad to be back? #
  • @robwillb Thanks for the news on Castle's renewal. This pleases me a lot. It's my favorite way to decompress early in the week! #
  • @kessho I think, no matter how much you enjoy where you're traveling, returning to your home and your stuff is a fantastic feeling. #
  • @ultraswan I sometimes make brief notes about particularly interesting dreams (I dream about #werewolves a lot), but nothing too organized. #
  • 500th tweet! Tell me your favorite #werewolf media (books, movies, etc.) and I'll randomly select a winner. Entries due 31 March 7 pm CST. #
  • Torn between writing fiction, writing nonfiction (with an earlier deadline), and reading @kehealey's Guardian of the Dead. #
  • Okay, huge chunk of nonfiction writing done. Back to @kehealey's Guardian of the Dead before bed. #amwriting #amreading #

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Twitter… 500th Twitter Message contest

Today I posted my 500th Twitter message (I hate the term “Tweet”) and decided to hold a contest.

My Twitter post: 500th tweet! Tell me your favorite #werewolf media (books, movies, etc.) and I’ll randomly select a winner. Entries due 31 March 7 pm CST.

Leave a comment here, or reply via Twitter to @mariecarlson and I will randomly select one winner. Prizes will be a choice of paranormal or erotic romance ebooks to be determined. (Probably to be chosen from my publications and a couple others I recommend.)

Feel free to spread the word.

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-29
  • 48k into the #werewolf and #ghost novel. Not as much progress as I'd like, but I'm getting there. I think I have about 25-30k left to write. #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-24
  • Switching between technical drafting, erotic short stories, & YA paranormal novel is starting to feel like rollercoaster writing. #amwriting #
  • Check out my friend Zeldyn's Pieces of Eight: Wearable Art. She makes beautiful stuff. #
  • This is really sweet and fun. RT @ lindsey_leavitt On the blog: My first week as a published author. And cake. #
  • I just updated my To Read list (which doesn't include books on the To Read bookcase) and it is now 27 pages long. Need more time! #
  • @tamarbatavraham Nice tiny helmet you have in that picture from @skjoldulfr. It's like my helmet's mini-me. #
  • @moonsanity I highly disagree with the Age of Author post, starting with the idea that most people only have friends their own age. #
  • What do you guys think? Does the age of the author matter? Post suggests it does. I disagree. #

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Werewolf Wednesday…

I realized that I had saved a draft with a couple werewolf links back in February, but had never scheduled it to publish. Oh well. These three are from back in February.

The Wolf Man: The Hollywood History of a Howling Success.

Moonlight Watcher

Listen to Excerpts from The Wolfman’s Score

More recent werewolf news follows.

Werewolf Fever is a movie about a werewolf attacking a burger joint. The website made me grin, and the trailer had me laughing so hard I could barely watch it during the action sequence. It looks like it will be a fabulous, ridiculous low-budget werewolf movie.

Top Five Vintage Werewolf Movies at

I really like all the movies they suggested, but I do think the book Wolfen is a lot better — and scarier — than the movie. Generally I think books are better but can still enjoy the movie version, but with Wolfen, the first time I watched the movie I was really let down because I’d so enjoyed the book when I read it. On repeated viewings, the movie grew on me, but I recommend watching it before you read the book, if you haven’t had the joy of experiencing either.

Plot Details for The Howling Reborn.

The Howling was what started my love of werewolf movies, so I am understandably leery, but I am also looking forward to this. The plot details aren’t fantastic, but maybe they’ll be able to pull off an interesting movie.

Smoking Lesbian Werewolves in Love.

Jack & Diane sounds like it might be a lot of fun, though I’m somewhat leery of the whole teenage sexual puberty being the catalyst for werewolf-like anything, but we’ll see. Also, the two actors look like they’re twelve or younger, which is a bit of a turnoff when I’d love to see lesbian werewolves I don’t feel wrong for finding attractive. Ah well.

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-20
  • Outlined the bisexual fortuneteller and mindreader story yesterday. Today I'm writing part one. Sex, here we come. #amwriting #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-18
  • Just figured out what I'm giving Dad for father's day and my sister for graduation. Awesome moment of clarity there! #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-17
  • My friend, Anti-P (because he's against so much), has called for a revolution against St. Pat's Day. I may be first against the wall. #
  • Probably it's too early to start apartment hunting in the KC area, but the pictures are so lovely. Can't wait to look in person. #

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