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Werewolf Wednesday…Boy Who Cried Werewolf, Moon Shy, Monsterwolf, Red, and Teen Wolf series

Nickelodeon Feeling Victorious with Boy Who Cried Werewolf.

I am looking forward to watching this (one of my favorite parts of October is the ability to watch all sorts of cheesy fun horror movies and werewolf movies on a bunch of channels), though the plot doesn’t sound all that fresh at all.

However, this part of the blurb made me frown:

Not everything is what it seems in this town, and the Sands’ visit goes awry when a freak lab accident gradually transforms Jordan into a werewolf. As her body changes, so does her personality, and she becomes a graceful, athletic, self-confident young woman. But Jordan’s dark, hairy side is dangerous to others, and the change confuses her new suitor, Goran (Steven Grayhm), the town’s young, attractive butcher. In order to salvage her crush and return back to her normal self, Jordan must rely on her pesky little brother and Madame V to save her before it’s too late.

Probably you can guess why this bothers me, but here it is in brief:

1) When girls become werewolves, they are almost always presented as some sort of sexual predators (the intensity of this depends on the story, but it’s pretty common). Though I do like sexual supernatural women, of course, I dislike the way this is so often shown as something dangerous and horrible, especially when it comes to teenage female werewolves.

2) Of course, she must be rescued by her brother. Of course she can’t rescue herself.

Maybe the movie will circumvent these worries and do something new and wonderful. I hope it does.

Speaking of the presentation of female werewolves, Victoria Blisse talks about why she wrote a werewolf in Moon Shy. Once again, the blurb made me pause.

Lowell is a werewolf. Desdemona is a werewolf. That is where the similarities end.

Desdemona takes great joy in the full moon. She maims and kills with enthusiasm and wishes she could be a werewolf every day. Lowell hates what he is. He wishes that the full moon would only come around once in a million years.

Again with the female werewolf being the predator (I’m only guessing sexually, too, but that is the trend). Here we also see a typical presentation of the male werewolf as a tragic creature who struggles with the monster he becomes.

I want to read this, because I would love to see more stories where the female werewolf loves being a werewolf, but this juxtaposition of characters does make me leery.

In fact, this later post where she talks about Good versus Evil and writing Desdemona makes me even leerier of reading about this female werewolf.

She left him reluctantly, but she had a job to do. Seducing a brand new werewolf would have to take its place. The one thing missing from her perfect life was a partner in crime. It was all right bonking victims before she ripped them to shreds, but what she really wanted was a werewolf to have real, violent, doggie style sex with. Someone who could share the exhilaration of the kill with her. Lowell would be perfect. He needed training, obviously, and she was the woman to do it.

Wolves are On the Prowl in Two New Sci-Fi Channel Flicks.

Monsterwolf, starring Robert Picardo (from The Howling!) and Jason London, premieres Saturday, October 9, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Blurb: When an oil company defies a court injunction against drilling on tribal land, their blasting releases the Kachinawaya, a Native American animal spirit meant to protect Indian lands from invaders.

I hope we aren’t supposed to root for the oil company here or a bunch of white guys.

Red: Werewolf Hunter, starring Felicia Day, Kavan Smith, and Stephen McHattie, premieres Saturday, October 30, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Blurb: Felicia Day portrays a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood, who brings her fiancé home, where he learns the family business: hunting werewolves. He’s skeptical—at least until he’s bitten by a werewolf. When her family insists he must be killed, Red tries everything she can to save him.

I love Little Red Riding Hood retellings, especially ones where Red is a werewolf hunter or a werewolf herself, and I am really looking forward to this!

Teen Wolf’s Stars Say Series is Almost Nothing Like Original Movie.

Wow, they are really trying to distance themselves from the original movie, aren’t they? I don’t remember, did the same thing happen when Buffy the Vampire Slayer the series came out?

Writing…”Harvest Moon” available free online

To celebrate the harvest moon, the autumnal equinox, and Jupiter so bright in the sky, have some werewolf fiction! There’s a little f/f sex under the cut.

I sat crosslegged in the front yard, waiting. The air was chilly and damp, but I loved the feel of it on my bare skin. I bounced one leg and tucked my fingers into my hair, pulling on the tight curls. I braided it sometimes, but anytime I planned to shift, I kept it free. No sense in wasting all that time on it when shifting would kill my style.

My pack sprawled around me, grouped together a couple here, a threesome there, all of us in shorts and t-shirts, except some of the guys who went bare-chested. There was about an hour ‘til moonrise and we were waiting on the last pack member to arrive so we could head out on our run.

Fiona was my girlfriend and she was late.

Monday Musings…What Won’t You Write?

A couple different things came together to inspire this post.

First, Eliza Reeve and I talked about her accidental prophecies; as she mentions here, first she said she would never write werewolves, then she wrote “Lunacy”, which is an excellent story you read; then she said she would never write vampires, and now she has a couple stories out with publishers; and just last month she said she’d never write a historical romance, but Circlet Press just put out a call for subs, Sense and Sensuality, which looks like a lot of fun.

So that’s been on my mind, the idea that once you say you will never write something, you end up taking back that proclamation in the future.

I’ve run into that with kink, as well, and then I read Squick City, a post by Lisabet Sarai that talks about what lines authors draw when writing kinky stories.

The combination of these two things makes me a little leery about talking about what I won’t write, because what if I end up like Eliza? However, the things I won’t write are generally things I also won’t do, kink-wise at least, and I’m pretty confident of my hard lines when it comes to kink.

So here are some of the things which make me invoke Your Kink is Okay, It’s Just Not My Kink: golden showers, scat play, age play, foot worship, necrophilia (though, I do write vampires, so this is a bit of a gray area, technically), bestiality (despite writing werewolves and shapeshifters, so I’m sure this is a bit of a gray area too, technically).

Not a lot, really, though I’m sure there’s more I’m just not thinking of right now.

But that doesn’t include everything I don’t write, because some things I am just not interested in. I don’t write dominant men with submissive women. I don’t often write m/m, though I love a good m/m/f threesome. I don’t write supernatural men and human women, because I’m more interested in stories where the women are supernatural. (“Hunter, Prey” is a bit of an exception, because Aisha is human at the start of the story.) I probably will never write about mummies. (I think.)

Some things I don’t write are kinks my partners left me with. (Anti-kinks, sort of, though that sounds more negative than I want to be for some of them.) I don’t write non-con, though I might write a negotiated and consensual non-con scene within a kinky relationship. (I haven’t, but I might.) I don’t write water play, in that there is a threat for drowning or being stuck in the water or anything that might involve water and being out of control around it because one of my partners is terrified of water and I made sure to edit any such things out of my stories. I am careful when I write about candle and wax play, because of some bad experiences my partner told me about. Etc.

Hilariously, I wrote “I don’t write contemporary romances (though this is a place I think will likely change; however, I am more interested in paranormal romances, so I stick with them right now).” but it’s not true. I just sold a contemporary erotica piece, at least, but it’s so very much not what I’m used to writing it automatically made the list of things I don’t write.

So these things change and one person’s kink is not someone else’s kink and we all have things we do or don’t write and things we say we won’t write but then end up writing. What are yours?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-19

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Publications…Win a copy of “Blazing Star” in Cast the Cards

As I mentioned here, my story “Blazing Star” will be included in Cast the Cards, a tarot-themed anthology based around the Major Arcana.

“Blazing Star” introduces a world where the supernatural lurks just beyond the edge of humanity. A secret group of humans, many with supernatural talents of their own, protect the world from the monsters. For a long time, there has been a balance, but uneasy portents and inexplicable deaths point to a dawning horror.

Enter Hope, a fortuneteller turned hunter, and Bea, a mindreader who keeps a safehouse where she offers sanctuary, succor, and protection spells to any hunter who needs it. Hope is her favorite, and though they spend much of their time apart, the love between them is as strong as ever.

When Hope needs a place to recuperate, she heads straight for Bea, but Hope’s vision of the future promises little time to rest for them or the hunters they must somehow organize to save the world.

Book Blurb: For over 250 years, the use of the tarot for divination has been a mainstay of mystical and occult practices. “Cast the Cards” is a collection of six all-new short stories that explore some of the powerful themes associated with the Major Arcana, all with an eye toward erotic romance with GLBT and alt-lifestyle characters and motifs.

“Cast the Cards” is an anthology containing: “Burn the Brightest” by Emily Moreton, “The Direction of Greatest Courage” by Erik Moore, “The Grief of the Bond-Maid” by Janine Ashbless, “Surrender” by K. Piet, “Blazing Star” by Marie Carlson, and “Oneiros” by S.L. Armstrong.

Right now you can sign up to win a copy of Cast the Cards at Goodreads here. The contest is open through October 15, so you still have plenty of time to sign up.

Werewolf Wednesday…MTV’s Teen Wolf spoilers

Is MTV’s Teen Wolf like the Vampire Diaries with Werewolves? at

Jeff Davis, an executive producer and writer for the Teen Wolf tv series, has some interesting things to say about the new show.

But while the show plans to feature romance, the producers also insist that it will be only one small part of the show.

According to Davis, “If it was a [broadcast] network [and not a cable channel like MTV], we’d be told, ‘Focus far more on the relationships. Don’t do too much of the werewolf stuff. Yes, he’s a werewolf, but we don’t want to do too much of that.’ There’s network sci-fi shows that are constantly being told, ‘Less sci-fi, more soap opera.’ But here they have been telling us, ‘Edgier. Go for it. We want to see action. We want to see twists. We want to see surprises,’ which is one of the most exciting things, to me, about working in cable.”

I’m intrigued by this, because a lot of supernatural fiction these days is about the romance instead of the adventure, but it perturbs me somewhat that the story with the guy as the main character is the story being pushed as non-romance. As if guys can’t be the main character in romances and as if girls can’t be the main character in supernatural adventure stories. Which isn’t want they’re saying, specifically, but is still something I’m thinking about.

According to Tyler Posey, the 18-year-old actor who plays the main character who gets bit by a werewolf in the show’s opening minutes, the werewolves here are not like those in other similar projects.

“The werewolf that we are doing is completely different than the other werewolves that are kind of going around right now,” Posey said. “It’s more of a sexier kind of sleek werewolf. [We] got to push that sexy. It’s not as hairy as the original, the Teen Wolf, Michael J. Fox. But it definitely gives it a much darker and new feel to this werewolf.”

Um, Posey, have you seen Cursed? Which I’ve long called The Lost Boys for werewolves. (Someday I’m going to do a point by point comparison. That day is not today, though.) It’s a very sexy, sleek werewolf movie. And that’s not the only example. Though I can see if you’re basing your comparison on the original Teen Wolf, then yeah, you’re not thinking werewolves are sexy. Except there have been plenty of werewolves since Teen Wolf. Hell, The Howling had sleek, sexy werewolves.

The show includes an element that’s new to the werewolf mythology, a mysterious ancient rivalry that, thankfully, doesn’t involve vampires.

Also in terms of reinventing the werewolf mythology, the show introduces three kinds of werewolves: an alpha, a beta, and an omega, the last of which takes the full wolf shape.

“The alpha being [most] monstrous,” Davis said.

“The way we like to put it is, the other werewolf shows and movies have werewolves you can pet,” Davis said. “We wanted to have one you could kiss.”

Couple of thoughts here. One, I’m really excited about the rivalry that isn’t with vampires. What do you think it is? Two, I’m intrigued by the different kinds of werewolves, though I’m a little confused by why they want to use terminology that already has some pretty strong meaning in werewolf mythology. I’m all for reinventing, but perhaps new language is appropriate, too?

And three, intrigued or not, I raised my eyebrows at the bit about the alpha being the most monstrous followed directly by their desire to have a werewolf you could kiss. I’m assuming he’s talking about the actual physical make-up of the werewolves — which, if it goes in a Supernatural way, is going to look just as ridiculous as the badly done fur and fangs of over transformations, just saying — but that’s not really how it reads. I’m all for violent sex myself, but I’m not sure he’s saying what he actually means.

Not surprisingly (and perhaps disappointingly), the show is using lycanthropy as a metaphor for adolescence and all its animal-like urges.

Dude, who’s disappointed? I am THRILLED by this metaphor.

“Our paradigm has always been to take the tone of The Lost Boys: funny when it wants to be, scary when it needs to be, and romantic as well,” Davis said.


I’m also really excited about the sport being lacrosse instead of basketball. Basketball’s fine, don’t get me wrong, but lacrosse is badass and kinda sexy. (Yeah, okay, I’ve never really seen the appeal of basketball players. Or baseball players, for that matter. I like my jocks ready to hit each other. Hockey, football, boxing — yeah.)

Okay, I was leery at first, and I’m still a little worried about issues I have with werewolf stories in general — lots of rape, especially when written by men, for one thing, and for another, the inability for the werewolf to control his temper — but this really won me over.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-05
  • So many boots I need to own, so little money. I need to stop looking at them and get back to writing. #

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