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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-30

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23
  • Don't forget, contest for a free copy of LIKE A MOONRISE until January 19: #
  • Outlining a #demons and #angels story. Meant to be farther along than this, but have been really busy with other projects. #amwriting #
  • RT @elizareeve [Written] b/c I felt I had to, rather than b/c I wanted to, on perceptions of mental illness: #
  • Don't forget, contest for a free copy of LIKE A MOONRISE until January 19: #
  • I want a treadmill desk so I can be *warm* again. V. v. cold here + too much snow. At least writing = indoors with hot tea. #amwriting #
  • @elizareeve I have not used one, and I'm not sure I have enough balance to do so, but the warmth from moving would be nice. #
  • @elizareeve I sometimes have trouble reading on a regular treadmill, so it may only work for me in theory. But in theory, I am toasty warm! #
  • The third draft of this novel feels more like a first draft and is therefore frustrating. #amwriting #werewolves #
  • @TheRotund New hair looks AWESOME! Makes me want to do fun colors in my hair again. in reply to TheRotund #
  • So cold. Decided to stay in and work instead of dealing with snow and cold and dark. #amwriting #werewolves #
  • Fun call for subs! RT @eroticaforall Call for Submissions: “Trios” – triple-decker hot romance in reply to eroticaforall #

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Werewolf Wednesday…LIKE A MOONRISE contest winner and Red Riding Hood

Happy Wolf Moon! The Midwest is currently being buried in snow, and when I look out the window, it definitely looks like a scene from a werewolf story. Delightful! (Despite the fact I hate snow.)

First, the random numbers have aphrodite_mine winning the LIKE A MOONRISE giveaway. I’ll send you a copy of the book via email; please let me know if you don’t receive it. (I also need to talk about the fun question she asked, but haven’t had a moment to sit down with it yet.)

Second, has a new trailer for Red Riding Hood, complete with “The Hand That Feeds” by NIN. I have written a number of werewolf scenes to that song and I really love it in the trailer. I can’t wait for this movie. It will be RIDICULOUS but I hope to enjoy every minute of it.

Third, is anyone watching the USA version of Being Human?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-16
  • Running a free book contest for latest publication: #
  • Snowed in today, but at least I got work done. Not enough work, but work. Now to figure out dinner and what to watch tonight. #
  • @wickedlpixie No! I think it would be weirder not to research the author. #
  • @johannaharness Absolutely. Friends in particular know what buttons to push to sell me on a new author & what warnings I prefer. #
  • @elizareeve 2011 obviously needs punctuation. Like such: 2011?! Because the world needs more interrobanging. in reply to elizareeve #

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Publications…”Cycles” in Like a Moonrise from Circlet Press

The holidays, as amazing as they were, really threw me off schedule. I meant to blog about this on the release day, of course, but at least now I get to do a contest with the release information. See the end of the post for more details.

My story, “Cycles,” is now available in Like a Moonrise from Circlet Press. Here’s what the editors had to say about Like a Moonrise:

Shapeshifting is a powerful metaphor for eroticism, and in Circlet Press’s new ebook, Like a Moonrise, that metaphor is made central to these erotic coming-of-age fantasies.

Like a Moonrise is an anthology of six stories featuring original shapeshifters with a coming of age theme.The stories in this anthology explain what the werefox, werepony, and others face as they discover their own changes and the urges and instincts that come with it. Circlet Press moves beyond the now-common realm of vampires and werewolves to explore the sexual lives of different were-creatures with these stories.

Hilariously, I totally didn’t move beyond the realm of vampires and werewolves. I’m sure it’s quite a surprise to regular readers to know “Cycles” is about Anamaria, an eighteen-year-old werewolf going through her first transformation. In a world where werewolves live among humans but keep socially separate once they come of age, Anamaria faces turbulent physical and hormonal changes as her body, quite literally, becomes something new. From June’s Strawberry Moon to January’s Wolf Moon, Anamaria fucks and fights her way through changes that frighten and frustrate her and leave her doubting her own mind.

Transformation is never easy, but with the support of her two mothers and her girlfriend, if Anamaria can make it through, she’ll be left with a powerful legacy that, bloody and messy as it is, is her right down to her sinew and bone.

Remember back in November when I guest blogged at Midnight Seductions about writing werewolves and mental illness, Monster in the Blood: Writing Werewolves and Mental Illness? Well, I was thinking a lot about “Cycles” when I wrote it. In “Cycles,” I tried to turn a plot trope around; frequently, when a character “acts crazy,” it turns out that really, she was just supernatural all along. I wanted to write about a character who was both supernatural and mentally ill; sure, Anamaria has reason enough to doubt her mind and body as she goes through her first transformation into a werewolf, but she’s also struggling with sharp, potentially destructive mood swings. Though the others write it off as just what happens when she becomes a werewolf, that’s not the end of it for Anamaria. Though lycanthropy is a metaphor for mental illness that I love, and that I use to describe my own bipolar, it’s not always just a metaphor, and in “Cycles,” Anamaria is both a werewolf and is crazy.(1) Because people with mental illnesses aren’t a monolithic group that look and act in one particular way, and mental illness is not the only defining trait.

I hope you enjoy “Cycles”; I loved writing it.

I have one PDF copy of Like a Moonrise to give away. If you tweet about “Cycles” and the contest, using @mariecarlson so I can track it; mention “Cycles” and the contest in a blog post, commenting here with a link so I can track it; or leave me a comment here (talking about anything, but in particular I’d love to hear your thoughts about characters with mental illness), I will put your name in a drawing for that copy of the book. Each of those options counts as a separate entry, so you can enter up to three (3) times. On January 19, the full moon, the Wolf Moon, I will randomly draw a name. (Probably using one of my pretty, pretty gaming dice.) Do make sure if you comment here that I have a way to contact you!

(1) I realize that not everyone has embraced the use of “crazy,” and I actually usually hate it when people who aren’t mentally ill use it, especially when it is used as a pejorative. However, I have taken back its use when describing myself — at times — and when talking about my writing.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-09
  • Sold another #werewolf short story. Details when I can. This was the first story I wrote to try to sell and now I have. #
  • Watching Spartacus: Blood & Sand. I approve of all this full frontal nudity and people beating on each other. #
  • Recommendations for agents who do YA Christian supernatural adventure/paranormal romance? One of my writing group is preparing to query. #

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