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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26
  • The @lanebryant website keeps changing the giftcard # I enter. Plus no phone customer service after 9 p.m. EST = frustrated with this order. #
  • Rewatching #sonsofanarchy season one while editing a #biker #werewolf short story. Good night, even if my To Do list is unending. #amwriting #
  • UGH. I am a smart person, but can't get thunderbird + dreamhost to set up correctly. I need to respond to email, damn it. #techfail #
  • Fuuuuuuck, now Tech Guru can't get #Thunderbird to work, either. I'm going back to #Outlook damn it. #techfail #
  • Lost way too much time to #techfail tonight. So much for finishing with the #biker #werewolves. Maybe tomorrow night. #amwriting #
  • Since tonight is night of frustration anyway, ALSO sad I didn't make it to #lilieswar I have a Lilies' tattoo! I should be there! #sca #
  • @TamarBatAvraham Such a cute pic! How was Lilies this year? #sca in reply to TamarBatAvraham #
  • Probably should have remembered how much I hate technology change before getting new phone, new laptop, Windows 7, Office 2010, and… #
  • …new apps and programs all at the same time. Bad timing, Marie. #techfail #
  • @TamarBatAvraham Oh, yeah, Lilies' sunburn, pretty much a guarantee no matter how much sunscreen you take. That part I don't miss! in reply to TamarBatAvraham #
  • And now we have another storm. That's it, I am just not meant to do any work tonight. I'm taking a book to bed. #
  • @TamarBatAvraham I always blame the booze at Lilies. Always. in reply to TamarBatAvraham #
  • Want a good #werewolf story to read when I have some spare time (or I suppose listen to during my commute). Recs? #amreading #
  • Just finished WITCH BALL by Linda Joy Singleton. Fun enough I'll look for the rest of the series. #ya #supernaturaladventure #seer #
  • Finished series watch of #roswell and am almost done with season one rewatch of #sonsofanarchy I think a rewatch of #octoberroad is next. #
  • Awesome! I love free books! RT @elizareeve: Free ebook week at Carina Press #amreading #
  • Wait, there's In-and-Out in Tucson? @kehealey, this is useful knowledge for me. Though I also think you should come to KC. #
  • @TamarBatAvraham @kehealey I will second Five Guys. Haven't tried Westport Flea Market. But also, Oklahoma Joes, @rainydaybooks . . . in reply to TamarBatAvraham #
  • and most important, @tamarbatavraham and me! Best reasons to visit KC, obviously. I know you're booking your flight now @kehealey. #
  • Happy, happy birthday to @impatienke. I'm glad it was full of so many good things. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19

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Publications…Excerpt from “Cycles” in LIKE A MOONRISE

It’s the full moon, the Strawberry Moon (among other names). There was a gorgeous lunar eclipse, and thanks to the joy of Google, I was able to watch it even though I was at work and the sun was still shining here. (And did you see that Google Doodle? It’s awesome!) Fittingly, it is also Werewolf Wednesday. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to write a new short story for the blog, or to watch the pilot episode of Teen Wolf and recap it here, nor have I read any werewolf books lately. No matter how busy I am, though, I wanted to share a little something for Werewolf Wednesday and the lunar eclipse, so here’s an excerpt from “Cycles” in LIKE A MOONRISE, available from Circlet Press. As I’ve discussed before, “Cycles” was very much an exercise in writing about lycanthropy as a metaphor for mental illness, which will always intrigue me; additionally, “Cycles” begins with June’s Strawberry Moon.

June: Strawberry Moon

I never had a “that time of the month” until after I turned eighteen, and though I bled a lot, my body ached with cramps, and my hormones went wild, my first time was nothing like in the stories.

When I was younger, reading human stories about human characters, I wanted to get my period so bad I carried a tampon around in my backpack like a charm, as if wishing hard enough on it would make me something I wasn’t and give me the same physical changes my classmates went through.

But they were human and I was not, and when I hit puberty, my transformation was something much greater.

[. . .]

My locker was under the frosted windows set high on the long wall. They tilted out to let in fresh air, and normally I loved my little spot beneath them, but today even the breeze from outside didn’t wipe away the cloying mix of body washes, shampoos, deodorants, and perfumes. Beneath that, I caught the sour stench of old sweat and wrinkled my nose.

I quickly spun open my lock and grabbed the small bottle of painkillers hidden in an empty compact. I cupped the pills in the palm of my hand and headed out into the hallway, where a couple water fountains were tucked next to a bunch of vending machines. I tossed back the pills and ducked my head to the fountain, swallowing quickly.

When I straightened, the world spun around me. I grabbed onto the water fountain, certain I was falling, and heat bloomed deep inside, the fire in my belly radiating all the way to the tips of my toes and the ends of my braids. Strange shadows twisted around me, reaching for me, and I ducked beneath them.

Water splashed against my arms, a cold shock that woke me from the spinning world. I glanced down and found myself pushing hard on the bar that started the water fountain, sending up an arc of cool water to splatter against the metal and my skin.

I peeled my fingers away from it one at a time and gasped for air. I could feel my lungs working hard in my chest and every beat of my heart was loud in my ears. My body vibrated, ready for something. Fight or flight I was used to. This was something else.

My joints ached, shoulders and elbows, knees and ankles, fingers and toes. My skin itched. A fine vibration ran the length of my body, making the beads at the ends of my braids clink together.

The bell rang, so loud and bright it bounced around inside my head. I squeezed my eyes shut and clapped my hands over my ears, but there was no blocking out that noise.

Everything went cold and quiet. I blinked open my eyes and found myself standing in the corner by the snack machines, watching students spill out of classrooms. Somewhere in the distance, I could hear the bell, but it was muted, no longer filling my head and driving out all thoughts. From inside the locker room came laughter and conversations I couldn’t quite make out and the noise of the showers running.

I stood and I stared, my body normal again in my sweaty workout clothes, surrounded by my peers, absolutely unprepared for what was happening to me. Sure, I’d known my whole life it was coming, but no one could adequately put into words what would happen as my body prepared for my first transformation from human into wolf.

Publications…Cover Reveal for “The Fullness That Love Began” in Daughters of Artemis

Keep an eye out next month for the Daughters of Artemis anthology from Storm Moon Press, which includes my story “The Fullness that Love Began” (though the title of my story may change). “Fullness” is the story of a kinky, bisexual pack leader, the woman she loves, and the male leader of a rival pack who tempts them both.

Blurb: Werewolf lore has been long dominated by the strong alpha male, but what of the strong alpha females? The Storm Moon Press anthology Daughters of Artemis explores this long neglected aspect of the werewolf mythos.

And check out this gorgeous cover.

(Image description: A book cover in grays and shadows, with a full moon in the upper right, partially obscurred by dark clouds and the anthology title, “Daughters of Artemis: A Storm Moon Press Anthology.” A bare tree takes up the left side of the cover, and there are rocks at the bottom. On the rocks is a wolf and two women with pale skin. One woman is naked, the other wearing a dark dress. The clothed woman stands above the wolf and the other woman, the alpha to her pack. Contributors names are in the bottom right corner: Shashauna Thomas, Della Buckland, S.L. Armstrong, Marie Carlson, Erik Moore and K. Piet.)

I Recommend…”Leila” by Elizabeth Reeve

(I also recommend my brand new laptop, which is shiny and giant and amazing.)

“Leila” by Elizabeth Reeve from Torquere Press

Blurb: When college student Megan hits the library, she’s looking for sources for a paper on Carmilla, an early vampire story. But in gorgeous librarian Leila, she finds much, much more. It’s no surprise that Leila haunts Megan’s dreams, but as her fantasies heat up, she begins to wonder — is Leila really who she seems to be?

“Leila” is a sexy and fun lesbian vampire story that addresses and reinterprets Carmilla in delightful ways. I am a sucker for metatextual stories where the sex is smoking and the characters interesting, and “Leila” has that in spades. Megan is smart and fun and practical, and Leila charming and mysterious. If you love vampires, lesbians, and stories which are aware of their place in vampire canon, I think you will enjoy “Leila.”

(Full disclosure, Elizabeth and I are in the same writing group, and I did work with her on this story. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t love it.)

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-12
  • Test #
  • Oh, damn, I know I'll want it, even though I still haven't played the last. RT @Agent_M Oh hey, a new Sly Cooper. Teaser looked cute. #E3 #
  • RT @JoVanderhooft In which I beg the internet for lesbian mysteries with erotic/romantic elements: #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-05
  • Picking out new laptop with Tech Guru, so hope to be back soon with new sales updates and book recs. #amwriting #werewolves still though. #
  • Want to read this! RT @MelanieCDuncan Familiar by @MichelleRowen, YA paranormal, young witch picks a shifter on the run as her familiar. #
  • After much debate with Tech Guru, I just ordered a 17 inch Dell Vostro 3750. Cannot wait to see the giant shiny new workspace. #
  • Finally started a story for this. RT @CallMeBliss Call for Subs: Oceanic Erotica: Write some sexy wetness! #
  • Fun guest blog. RT @cynthiaeden I'm giving away a copy of Lexi George's sexy paranormal DEMON HUNTING IN DIXIE: #
  • RT @cynthiaeden #1 reason to <3 is the metaphor for bipolar. Struggling to control the cycles of the beast within? Yeah, that. #nevercrywolf #
  • Need new shoes, but I hate shoe shopping. Probably shouldn't wear them until they fall apart at work though. #
  • Her review of my story is breathtaking. RT @elizareeve New blog post recommending two very different books: #
  • My iced coffee was less iced and more WTH? Not a great way to start the day. (Hours ago now.) Long day had better be productive, at least. #

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