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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31
  • @chr0me thank you so much, darling. All is going to be well. I'll email you an update soon. in reply to chr0me #
  • Best sort of movie. RT @cklarock @tessagratton Synopsis: some people go somewhere. There are dinosaurs. Dino… (cont) #
  • Come on, Google, you KNOW how people use the internet. Get it together. RT @mashable Google Responds to Google… (cont) #
  • Delightful. RT @seananmcguire The lesser gorgon has joined the field guide! Thanks, @korybing! #
  • @thestalkycop Tweeting during coffee break alas. Miss you. in reply to thestalkycop #
  • Can't wait! RT @thegayYA We'd love to see you all back at 4 PM EST next week for our next topic: Bi MCs in #GayYA #
  • Think I'll need A LOT of alcohol by the time I get to the weekend. Oh, and a break in which to drink it. #
  • Alas, no #werewolfwednesday this week, but I have two book recs for next week, so that's a plus. #
  • @thestalkycop Wish that I could come out with you lot tomorrow night. Especially since that's day for me. Drink early, it's 5 somewhere. in reply to thestalkycop #
  • This series sounds awesome. RT @JoVanderhooft is the new editor of #norilana #039;s #LaceAndBlade anthology series: #
  • Done with work for the day & in bed before midnight for first time in ages. Odds I won't be able to sleep: high. Meeting at 7 am though. #
  • Goddamn, is it too early to start a countdown until #sonsofanarchy returns? #
  • Both sound delicious. RT @LilRedsHood Mmmmm Craving frozen Puppy Chow. Will have to make do with frozen Thin Mints. #
  • Ooooh, I am a fan of everything about this, from colors to case design: Shame I don't need any new shadows right now. #
  • Seriously too tired to make iced tea even though I'm freaking thirsty. I do not like this level of exhaustion. #
  • @chr0me That's a good point. Maybe the colors are more intense in person. Mostly, I love the case. A LOT. A LOT A LOT. #
  • Finally made iced tea, read the last few chapters for my writing group, and am now vaguely staring at the computer screen. So tired. #
  • @elizareeve Tech fail, back when I can. #
  • Perhaps I should have run updates this week. Oops. Sorry, computer, it was on my to do list. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24
  • It really is, especially after Pitch Black. Still, I want the 3rd movie. RT @chr0me: I <3 it, but The Chronicles of Riddick is ridic. #
  • @deepforestowl @chr0me and I are just good like that, obviously. I want to rewatch the Fast and the Furious series myself. #
  • @chr0me BOX SET! That is a fabulous idea. And the bit in the credits has me eager for the next movie. So long to wait! in reply to chr0me #
  • @deepforestowl 2 Fast 2 Furious is skippable, but Tokyo Drift has grown on me w/ rewatches, F&F is frustrating, but first and fifth I love. in reply to deepforestowl #
  • Every time I branch away from #werewolves I have at least one moment of, Writing this creature is weird. And then it gets fun. #amwriting #
  • Word to this. More women being heroes, please. RT @innaj: @ticia42 I enjoyed HP. But have never understood why Hermione isn't the hero. #
  • 110 degrees heat index. I think I'll be working inside for awhile instead of running errands. At least I have plenty of iced tea. #
  • So cute! But I don't really need more toys. TORN. RT @kessho: Pics of S2 of the Disney POP! series: #
  • @ticia42: @innaj For me, not just about Hermione as hero. Big picture, too, why another ablebodied straight white cis dude as the hero? in reply to ticia42 #
  • Word. RT @chr0me: @mariecarlson part of the problem is the insistence upon one person being *the* hero. The chosen *one* is a tired trope. #
  • @chr0me I want chosen *teams* as heroes. Or better yet, groups of family/friends who *choose* to be heroes, not are chosen. in reply to chr0me #
  • I understand the sentiment, but what, queer women don't read erotic romance? RT @jane_l: I don't really unders… (cont) #
  • @jane_l Do they display their cleavage to entice men? Or do they display their cleavage because they like to display it? in reply to jane_l #
  • Finished #sonsofanarchy while writing today and now #spartacus Must find another show to watch while I'm productive. #amwriting #
  • 1000 words on my LIKE A COMING WAVE submission ( Writing this story has been twisty. #amwriting #
  • @kehealey has just introduced me to the fact that people perform diabolo ( with fire. WANT TO LEARN. #firefirefire #
  • @TamarBatAvraham I do like con/heist stories! @kehealey has been recommending Leverage for awhile too. I should watch all of season 1. Thx! in reply to TamarBatAvraham #
  • Delightful! Thanks for the link! RT @innaj: Hey, @ticia42 and @mariecarlson, re: Hermione as hero: (via @supernovakgirl) #
  • liquornspice: #
  • This is why I keep a go bag; family emergency comes up, I'm ready to pick up the rental car and hit the road. Just waiting on my ride. #
  • For my fellow MO people. RT @odanu: local (Missouri) journalism to follow @sharkfu @bginkc @krisketz #
  • Thanks for the #ff @thestalkycop. (One of my fave as-yet unpubbed authors right there. Her horror story is super creepy.) #
  • Still don't have the rental car thanks to everything going wrong. Even if I am ready in a moment, other people aren't. Must be calm. #
  • Nephew loves books and is thrilled to be at the bookstore. Spent his life buying him books. Total win for me. #

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Werewolf Wednesday…”The Howling Reborn” Trailer and Analysis

The Howling is one of my favorite movies. It means a lot to me; it was the first horror movie I ever watched, and it was the beginning of my love of werewolves. I enjoy the rest of the series, and I’ve watched a lot of werewolf movies in my time, good and bad, but none have ever been as awesome or meant as much to me as The Howling.

If you haven’t heard about The Howling Reborn, here is a blurb:

On the eve of his high school graduation, unremarkable Will Kidman finally bonds with the girl he has long yearned for, reclusive Eliana Wynter. But he also discovers a dark secret from his past… that he is about to become a werewolf. Now, in an effort to fight destiny and save their love as well as their lives, they must battle not only Will’s growing blood lust but an army of fearsome beasts bent on killing them… and then, us all.

Based on that, the remake sounds less The Howling and more a mix of Skinwalkers (2006) and the movie adaptation of Blood and Chocolate, but let’s take a look at the trailer.

I love YA fiction, and I can understand wanting to focus on younger characters to hit some target markets, but it completely doesn’t feel like The Howling from the first second simply because the characters are in high school. I’m afraid this is going to be one of those remakes/sequels where they would have been better off not to attach the franchise name to it (I’m looking at you, sequels to The Lost Boys.)

Will opens with some cheesy language about the days that change your life forever. He also hits on Eliana, and as cheesy as it is, I do love the line about how she’s in color when the rest of the world is in black and white. (The trailer makes a lot of use of black and white scenes juxtaposed with scenes in color, so it is good to open with this line.)

Eliana has a line about not biting…much, and it is just as ridiculous as you’d expect in a werewolf movie. However, I’m a pretty big fan of Lindsey Shaw as an actor, and I’m looking forward to watching her in a movie. Lots of time to enjoy the way she says her lines, and also, she’s gorgeous.

The metaphor of graduation, high school students becoming something else and the werewolf story of a teen becoming something else could be really nice.

I love Eliana with her flame thrower and her gun, but it already looks like she’s going to walk the line between victim and villain, as is usual for women in horror and for women who are werewolves. I am tired of men being the heroes in everything, and I am tired of women getting to be victims or villains and that is it. (Supernatural, I am looking at you.) Maybe The Howling Reborn will surprise me. I hope. (This is probably one of the reasons I love The Howling so much. It is obviously Karen’s story, and though there are some issues, she gets to be more than the victim, at least for awhile. UGH, now I am angry at my favorite horror movie, too.)

The trailer is very shiny, lots of black and white scenes versus color scenes, and lots of pretty shots of the full moon (including a blue moon literally shot in shades of blue), which yes, is typical and cheesy, but is also something I love. The bits of destruction in the high school we see is very nice, tying into the metaphor of high school is hell that Buffy the Vampire Slayer did so well as well as the theme of metamorphosis as you approach graduation.

Underground parties, werewolves in leather stalking down the hall in a badass powerwalk, howling in the distance, werewolves in human form leaping over things in inhuman ways, the shot of a girl’s spine as she transforms, the blood inside changing you into something inhuman, fire to purge the wolf, the use of the blue moon in the story, and technology being used in the fight against the werewolves: at least from the shots in the trailer, this movie was made with me in mind. (If the trailer whipped out parkour for the werewolves, it wouldn’t matter what else happened, I’d watch the movie.) (Okay, with a werewolf movie, no matter what the trailer says, it’s pretty much a given I’ll watch it anyway.)

From the trailer, it is not a very diverse movie. The black best friend probably gets dead, or at least knocked around. Almost everyone is thin and pretty and white and able bodied. The characters come across as very straight, though sexual preference is harder to show in the short clips in a trailer. Very male dominated, with the few women appearing to be villains and maybe a little victims.

It looks like it might be an entertaining werewolf movie, but I think it would do better to not be a remake of The Howling, which brings in expectations that I am doubtful will be met.

Publications…2010 Publications Year in Review (belated)

While cleaning up tags, I realized I never posted my 2010 Publications Year in Review. I know 2011 is basically half over as it is, but I’m going to post it anyway. The completest in me needs to do so, plus I like being able to look back over the tag and see what I’ve done each year.

As I discussed in the 2009 Publications Year in Review, I submitted six short stories in 2009, three of which were published. I did not sell a single werewolf story, despite that being my main area of reading and writing.

In 2010, I submitted six short stories and one novella. I then pulled the novella, because it really needs to be a novel instead. Of the six short stories, two were sold and published in 2010. One of those two was sold a second time in 2011 to be republished in 2011. Three were sold to be published in 2011. And one was rejected because the anthology itself was cancelled. (I then rewrote it some and submitted it as one of the other six stories.) Basically, I sold everything I submitted in one form or another and resold one of those stories in 2011. That wasn’t clear until I started writing this post, so I’m glad I did. That’s awesome. I finally sold a werewolf short story in 2010, but it didn’t come out until 2011.

I also started writing some short stories to be available free here on the website. I tend to tie them in to the full moon, of course, but may branch out on that in the future.

So here are the stories I published in 2010:

FREE: “Harvest Moon”, September 2010
Blurb: There’s power to the harvest moon and to the equinox. When those things combine, Tia’s pack of werewolves can barely wait for moonrise and their hunt. Their energy high, Andy and her girlfriend Fiona celebrate another successful werewolf run with a sexy morning interlude in the woods. (Prequel to “The Fullness that Love Began” in DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS forthcoming in 2011 from Storm Moon Press.)

“Blazing Star” in CAST THE CARDS from Storm Moon Press, October 31, 2010
Blurb: For over 250 years, the use of the tarot for divination has been a mainstay of mystical and occult practices. CAST THE CARDS is a collection of six all-new short stories that explore some of the powerful themes associated with the Major Arcana, all with an eye toward erotic romance with GLBT and alt-lifestyle characters and motifs.

“Blazing Star” is a story about a mind reader and her fortunetelling, monster-hunting lover who face a world headed into a potential apocalypse. Together the two women create a sanctuary for the other monster hunters, but not even a magic-protected sanctuary can guarantee protection when the world is ending.

BAD GIRL’S SWEET KISS from Xcite Books, November 3, 2010.
Blurb: A blow-by-blow anthology of first-time fellatio and other oral delights.

Chrissie Bentley is a woman on a mission – to raise the profile of oral sex. In BAD GIRL’S SWEET KISS she has brought together her own experiences as well as those of many other erotic writers from all over the world. From some of the most well-known voices in erotica to more recent newcomers to the field, everybody’s first time is different. In this diverse collection of blow-by-blow accounts exploring an oft-overlooked act of intimacy, you’ll find something to shock, titillate, amuse as well as trigger memories of your own oral initiation.

FREE: “Blood on the Moon” December 2010.
Blurb: Hope has been searching for a way to stop the apocalypse for weeks, for months, without a break, but even without finding any answers, she still can take the time to go home. (Sequel to “Blazing Star” in CAST THE CARDS from Storm Moon Press.)

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-17
  • Adorable child with blue mohawk at the next table over. #
  • Omg, kid's little brother has a tiny mohawk too, in red. Just delightful. #
  • @chr0me I hit an introvert wall today and had to spend the day totally alone and offline. in reply to chr0me #
  • Who wants to do a full moon tour with me at the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center? Only about a 10 hour drive from KC. #
  • LOL RT @tinytempest: Today Prof X learned a valuable lesson: when Wolverine calls someone out as a violent psy… (cont) #
  • Have now highlighted all the references to when the next full moon occurs and must make sure they all add up. #amwriting #werewolves #
  • Just sent the #biker #werewolves story to my editor. Now on to the wicked #mermaids story. #amwriting #
  • postcardsfromspace: #
  • fuckyeahelizareeve: I am very excited about this anthology. I love Eliza’s story in it, so I’m glad for her… #
  • badparsiqueer: The fact that one of his responses on Twitter was basically, this is a fictional world, so it… #
  • Photoset: cabell: A) GORGEOUS. B) That Rimmel 50 Seconds Vinyl Shine fourth from the right is one of my… #
  • @thestalkycop I want to try that polish effect. Galaxies on my nails is a win. (Stars in my eyes, galaxies on my nails, I'm celestial.) in reply to thestalkycop #
  • @thestalkycop Yes, the distraction of them would be a problem. I assume it's like a new tattoo; eventually the distraction is manageable. in reply to thestalkycop #
  • @thestalkycop Are you on IM anywhere right now? #
  • @thestalkycop That's why there are mirrors, so I can see the ink on my back. Though yes, it is far less distracting than the ink on my legs. in reply to thestalkycop #
  • #amwatching Brutal Beauties: Tales of the Rose City Rollers. Interest so far (~ halfway through), if focused on heterosexual relationships. #
  • I'm ~halfway through @maryrose_wood's THE INCORRIGIBLE CHILDREN OF ASHTON PLACE: BOOK 1 THE MYSTERIOUS HOWLING & it's charming (cont. 1/2) #
  • and delightful. Highly recommend. It's under $2 on the Kindle. #amreading #irecommend (cont. 2/2) #
  • Made mac & cheese with spinach and green beans for lunches, & now to my bedroom. My brain needs a lot of quiet, alone time this weekend. #
  • However, I did manage brainstorming the #mermaids story, turned in a #werewolf story, & read a bunch of chapters from my writing group(s). #
  • This is relevant to my interests. RT @stormmoonpress: @vashtan An anthology that focuses on scars? @jessfaraday #
  • @TheRotund I haven't tried ribs in the crockpot yet, but I love making pulled pork and pulled chicken. Makes the house smell good too. #
  • Appropriate title for how I watch that series. RT @NettieWriter: Fast & Furious in my pants #improvefilmtitlesbyaddinginmypants #
  • I vote yes. RT @stormmoonpress: A scars anthology? Yes/yes? I think this is the prevailing opinion. @mariecarlson @vashtan @corneliagrey #
  • Debating whether to put Sims 3 on the new laptop. Also debating whether it is too early to crash, since I still feel like crap. #
  • kiriamaya: #
  • @daniel14159 Sleep may be good for my body, but not my to do list. Unfortunately, I think sleep will win. in reply to daniel14159 #
  • Woah, just got up to move my motorcycle and had to sit back down again, I felt so bad. Sleep it is. #
  • Need to review this still, but wanted to link. RT @trollprincess: Another link to ye olde biracial bisexual ex… (cont) #
  • Should have grabbed two iced coffees this morning. Only 830 and it's already been a long day. My To Do list may suffocate me yet. #
  • Just checked prices to Denver in Oct. Super cheap. @elizareeve, I think the wolf + writing retreat needs to happen. #
  • @buhfly I'm pretty sure that's not a secret. Or at least AB hates women. in reply to buhfly #
  • RT @tubooks: If you're going to #sdcc check out this great Diversity in Fandom panel lineup: #
  • Just when I thought the spirit hoods couldn't get any worse, they do. RT @NativeApprops: In case you misse… (cont) #
  • One of the main reasons I stopped reading, though I do miss a certain someone's snarky recaps. RT @buhfly: @ma… (cont) #
  • @buhfly The look of glee on my face cannot be put into words. in reply to buhfly #
  • Completely unimpressed with #eagames #039; new game downloader. I want my damn game. Also unimpressed with the poor UI on the website. #techfail #
  • Self, watch this trailer. RT @cleolinda RT @moviesdotcom: 'The Howling: Reborn' Trailer Hits, Has the Werewol… (cont) #
  • @thestalkycop Your badassery must know no bounds if that is the response from people who haven't even met you. in reply to thestalkycop #
  • @thestalkycop Met you, spoken to, fine line of reading comprehension fail there. Still, the point stands. in reply to thestalkycop #
  • @thestalkycop You're a rockstar, dude doesn't even know how good he has it. in reply to thestalkycop #
  • Don't even dare Tweet what I'm writing this weekend b/c of the spam I'd get, but best (or first correct) guess gets a prize. #Amwriting #
  • #fridaynightlights season four is breaking my heart and yet I can't stop watching. Also, apparently I never finished season three. Huh. #
  • I planned to drink wine under the full moon, but I can't seem to move. Long, long week. Apparently I need a wine fridge in my room. #
  • Love to watch her fight, but the bit about her (cont.) RT @thestalkycop: @mariecarlson I saw this and thought of you #
  • (cont.) @thestalkycop was so wrong. No mention of Girl Fight? And the Fast Five stuff was a lie. God, people, get your facts right. #
  • If you're at #readercon tonight, check out @circletpress's reading and see @ceciliatan and others read and give away books. #
  • Cannot express how excited I am about the upcoming calls for submissions from @stormmoonpress! Scars and tattoos, two of my favorite things. #
  • @cabell Your parents are so awesome. A robot baby sweater? Badass. in reply to cabell #
  • @cabell, I can't decide if robot clothes or dinosaur clothes are the best baby clothes, but baby!cabell will be totally awesome in robots. #
  • @cabell That's true. I see a lot of dino clothes in blues and greens, which I think are awesome, but there's also some unfortunate colors. #
  • Just got a release date for DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS, an alpha female #werewolf anthology: Aug. 26, 2011! #
  • @elizareeve and I are virtual clothes shopping together. Oh, technology, you give me so much. #

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Site Admin…What do you like to see in author bios?

I just updated my “about me” page, and I thought I would share it here and also ask for input. I hate writing bios, but it comes up frequently when submitting. I tend to use the same bio for all submissions, but I thought I might want to have a more robust bio here and also change it up a little when submitting to the same publisher, as I tend to do.

So my question to you is: What do you like to see in author bios? (Or what would you like to see in mine?)

And here’s the new bio for the site, at least until I process any suggestions.

Marie Carlson lives in the Midwest of the USA. By day she fights crime (masks optional), by night she writes about the magic twisting through the world (monsters not optional), and frequently she disappears during the full moon. She loves motorcycles; breaking society’s assumptions about madness, fatness, and queerness; and iced tea. Her siblings are legion and her parents amazing.

You can reach her online the following ways:

Facebook…Marie Carlson
Goodreads…Marie Carlson

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Publications…”Blazing Star” solo release from Storm Moon Press

Buy “Blazing Star” from Storm Moon Press for $1.99.

I am thrilled to announce that my short story “Blazing Star” has been released as a solo from Storm Moon Press. “Blazing Star” was previously published as a part of the CAST THE CARDS anthology, “Blazing Star” was inspired by the Star tarot card.

Blurb: For over 250 years, the use of the tarot for divination has been a mainstay of mystical and occult practices. The themes and forces represented by the cards are said to govern our lives and our destinies. Whether you believe that or not, the story of the cards is nevertheless the story of our lives — the accomplishments and the pitfalls, the path from soaring joy to crushing defeat and back again.

Bea is a mind reader, weary of battle, but still with the Star in her eyes. Her lover, Hope, returns to Bea’s sanctuary in need of comfort and guidance, which Bea is only too happy to give. But the respite is short-lived when other Hunters show up at the sanctuary with news of an impending battle. Bea knows she must let Hope go, even though it may be for the last time.

And check out the cover for the solo release!

Cover for Blazing Star, a white woman and a black woman lie together on the ground, clutching at each other with love and need.

(Image description: A black woman lies on her back, a white woman moving over her. They clutch at each other, hands in hair and on arms, and stare into each other’s faces, their exchange colored by love and lust and desperation.)

I do wish the cover better reflected that Bea is somewhat older and much fatter, but I love how they touch each other and watch each other.

Buy “Blazing Star” from Storm Moon Press for $1.99.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-10
  • Looks like a fun call for subs. RT @eroticaforall: Call for Submissions: Naughty Nights Press #
  • Chilling at Tech Guru's while Tech Guru and Tech Guru's brother talk story, and I write and do laundry. Later, bbq and pool and fireworks. #
  • Tech Guru just handed me a Samuel Smith's Organic Best Ale, and it is damn tasty. Seems I need to visit Yorkshire for this brewery. #beer #
  • cabell: #
  • Gorgeous floating lantern #fireworks I've never seen before are amazing. Nice way to pass the time before the show. #
  • The moon and stars are gorgeous tonight, and there's a delicious breeze. Best night to be outside! #
  • Lightning + fireworks = amazing show. No rain, just gorgeous views. #
  • Tech Guru doing remote tech training while I write about #werewolves on #motorcycles It has been a relaxing morning, but need food soon. #
  • @GabrielleBlue Thanks! I hope it is interesting; this round of edits is for the publisher, so I should have release info soon. #amwriting in reply to GabrielleBlue #
  • @TamarBatAvraham In small town Missouri, we had a ton of them. I am definitely a fan. in reply to TamarBatAvraham #
  • Just bought this. RT @Maryrose_Wood Incorrigible #ebook news: Today through end of July, THE MYSTERIOUS HOWLING ebook is only $1.99. #
  • X-Men First Class could also be called Charles Xavier, Assholiest Asshole to Ever Asshole, y/y? #
  • @ce_murphy Michelle Rodriguez, particularly in Girlfight. in reply to ce_murphy #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

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