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Werewolf Wednesday…BLOOD MOON: A WEREWOLF WESTERN trailer


I haven’t heard much about BLOOD MOON: A WEREWOLF WESTERN, but I love werewolves and I like westerns (though frequently the misogyny, homophobia, and racism is too much for me), so I am intrigued by this trailer. (No, I still haven’t seen COWBOYS & ALIENS, though it is on my to watch list.) I was able to track down a poster for it, as you can see, and it looks interesting.

The trailer looks fairly interesting; a little too much woman as damsel in distress and woman as monster, nothing in between, but it is a trailer, and the movie might be better than I expect. I’m also side-eyeing the gunslinger creepy-ing all over the main woman we see in the trailer. Still, I think the movie has a lot of potential, and I hope we get to see it. Nice fire flashing to life, wolves howling in the distance, and people moving weirdly as they become wolves. Are the werewolves wearing masks, or is that just really horrible special effects?

The speech and the music levels aren’t really balanced, so I had a hard time hearing some of the dialog. I just realized that they’re talking about skinwalkers, and considering this is a western, I worry a lot about what sort of appropriation is going on here and how badly Native Americans are going to be portrayed. Side-eyeing you even harder now, movie trailer, but we will see.

Music Monday…Songs From My Current Werewolf Playlist

I realize I did songs from this same playlist the last time I did Music Monday, but it is a massive playlist, so there is always more to share. I have specific songs for specific scenes or chapters, but I also have a playlist for background music; it doesn’t have to exactly match whatever work I’m doing, it just needs to make me feel good while I write, for various definitions of “feel good.” Also, my music can be eclectic.

“Johnny and June” by Heidi Newfield

Johnny Cash references for the win, no matter how cheesy. I grew up loving Johnny Cash’s music, and I just love it more the older I get. Also, I really love the fire in the video here, and that gorgeous car. I like the rise and fall of this, the softness and the powerful chorus. Total windows down, music up roadtrip song.

“Devil Town” Bright Eyes

Not the official music video, but this claymation and live action fusion is fabulous and, at times, hilarious. (The vampires!)

“Whispers in the Dark” Skillet

This great, too, though the version on my playlist is acoustic, and therefore wicked haunting.

“White Sandy Beach” Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

I really should stop putting his music on my playlists, because mostly what it does is break my heart that he isn’t still alive and making music. (Johnny Cash’s music does the same thing to me, really.) I have a lot of Iz’s music on this playlist for a couple reasons, but this is one of my favorites.

“Boxer” The Gaslight Anthem (live at Bonnaroo 2010)

Mostly for these lyrics:

There was something heavy holding you down
And there were whispers that were driving you crazy
And now you hunt the heart of this town
Remember when I knew a boxer baby

“Drop the World” Lil Wayne feat. Eminem

Tech Guru showed this to me for the first, and sold it to me as an apocalyptic rap song. Until that moment, I didn’t know how much I wanted apocalyptic rap songs. The version on my playlist is uncensored and is SO MUCH BETTER. I recommend syncing up an uncensored version with the official video, because it’s amazing. (Tech Guru did this for me the first time, because he is awesome.)

So what are you listening to while you write?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-28

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Publications…DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS release day; Contest Winner

Purchase “The Fullness That Love Began” in DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS today.

The contest winner from my pre-publication DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS contest is Eliza Reeve! Eliza, obviously I have your contact info and I know you pre-ordered DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS, but let me know your bookstore preference and I’ll get that gift card to you.

Yesterday, August 26, was release day for DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS from Storm Moon Press, which contains my short story “The Fullness That Love Began.” DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS is available as an ebook or print (though there’s a bit of a delay on the print version due to printing issues), and is an anthology about strong werewolf women and the women who love them.

“The Fullness That Love Began” is a special story for me and has had a twisty path to publication, and I am so glad it is now available.

Blurb: Werewolf lore has long been dominated by tales of the strong alpha male, but what of the strong alpha females? The Storm Moon Press anthology Daughters of Artemis explores this mostly neglected aspect of the werewolf mythos, with an erotic twist.

Bounty hunter Toni McGowan has faced supernatural beasts that would send most running, but her latest assignment may be the toughest yet—playing babysitter to a New Ager wannabe. Jade Nicols, though, has a few secrets of her own, the darkest of which may just get them both killed.

Luna Rivers isn’t the most graceful of people at the best of times, and being stalked by shadowy figures and prowling wolves hardly qualifies. But after being rescued by the beautiful and sensual Syrene, Luna learns that there is more to herself than she’d ever suspected. She’s a werewolf, too, and in a whole new world of danger.

Andrea—Andy to most—is a pack leader in the forests of Washington state. Poaching in a nearby pack’s territory throws suspicion on Andy’s leadership. In order to find the truth, Andy and her mate Fiona find themselves forced into an uneasy alliance with Rafael, the other pack’s alpha.

Susan Runningwind is forty-five, but already strong enough to have earned a seat among her pack’s elders. Jesse Westfield is a documentary filmmaker investigating the so-called “Werewolves of South Dakota”. But when Jesse begins to get too close to the truth, Susan must make a choice between her pack’s welfare, and the growing attraction she feels to the younger woman.

Sasha is the first female in the kingdom of the shapeshifting House of Wood to be granted leadership of her own pack. The transition is hardly smooth, however, and Sasha winds up at odds with Aneira, her mate. Failure to maintain control of her pack would mean demotion and shame, but doing what she knows she must could drive Aneira away forever.

When werewolf Katya captures blind weretiger Yun alone in the wilderness, she sees only an opportunity to finally end the raging conflict between their two peoples. Yun remains loyal to the tigers, though, and as time passes, Katya finds herself less and less inclined to force the information from her. But when the fight comes to them, both will see their loyalties tested in the crucible of battle.

Purchase “The Fullness That Love Began” in DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS today.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-21

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-14
  • About to watch new Planet of the Apes with B. The many glasses of wine I had at dinner helps with this plan. #
  • Is Donna from #sonsofanarchy in the new Paranormal Activity? It briefly sounded like her voice. #
  • Tech Guru will want to watch Contagion, I think. Has his boy Matt Damon. #trailers #
  • @chr0me Thanks for the feedback RE TB Tarte. I don't have Tarte already, so I will consider it, though I'm not okay with TB right now. in reply to chr0me #
  • Big thinkin': An Interracial Fix for Black Marriage – – › An Interracial Fix for Black Marriage -… #
  • This headache is slowing down the #werewolf writing, but I keep pushing through. Maybe a nap soon, though. #amwriting #
  • That's what prompted me to switch to Tweetdeck finally. @chr0me #
  • @elizareeve I think you do! Escape the Fate is amazing. #music in reply to elizareeve #
  • In a mood tonight where it's probably best if I take myself away from all media but my writing and then maybe a little #sims3 before bed. #
  • Don't forget, there's still time to participate in my DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS give-away: #werewolf #dominantwomen #queer #
  • RT @werewolfnews Please retweet if you think your followers might be interested in NETFLIX BAD WEREWOLF MOVIE NIGHT! #
  • #ebz You can study many things at the University of London. The Department of Cryptozoology studi… #
  • @thestalkycop tweets all sorts of things; I recognize individual words, but as a whole, they mean nothing to me. I blame wrestling & grin. #

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Music Monday…Songs From My Current Werewolf Playlist

I am deep into a werewolf novel right now, and have lined up some music to go with it. I thought it might be interesting to share some of the songs here, along with their official music vids where I can, because official music vids are frequently ridiculous. (Also, sometimes awesome.) (Most of these songs were introduced to me by either Eliza Reeve or my dear friend Kira. I really need to schedule trips out west to visit each of them.) I choose music to write to based on a combination of appropriate lyrics and/or mood and/or a rhythm that gets to me.

Escape the Fate “Issues”

Escape the Fate “Gorgeous Nightmare”

(Wow, this was the first time I watched the official vid. You can skip to about 1:20 for the song to start, but that’s kind of intriguing. Not such a fan of the fat hate, but I will have to spend some time analyzing the video some other day.) (The rhythm on this song really gets to me, especially when the lines repeat.)

Skillet “Monster”

(I still sometimes sing this as “I feel like a rockstar” because it cracks me up every time I do. No idea why.)

The Pack AD “Wolves and Werewolves”

(Alas, could not find an official vid for this one, but I highly recommend buying their album.)

Bowling for Soup “Girl All the Bad Guys Want”

Bowling for Soup “High School Never Ends”

(Also my first time seeing the video, and it’s horrible and hilarious at the same time. Plus Bowling for Soup is ridiculously hot.)

So what are you listening to (or watching) while you write?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07

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Contests…Two Contests for DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS from Storm Moon Press (One Pre-Order, One Blogging)

DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS, an anthology of dominant werewolf women, comes out from Storm Moon Press on August 26, and I am thrilled about its release. My story in it, “The Fullness that Love Began,” is one of my favorites, and one I do plan to expand with a sequel. My darling kinky, bisexual werewolves, you have finally found a home. I wasn’t sure you would, for awhile, but now the drama of pack leadership and the hot threesome will be read.

Storm Moon Press is currently running a pre-order contest: All pre-orders will be entered into a drawing for a prize package containing a poster of the Daughters of Artemis cover art, a copy of the Daughters of Artemis paperback, and a $10 gift certificate to the Storm Moon Press store! In addition, everyone who pre-orders the ebook will be able to access it 48 hours prior to the official release date!

Additionally, if you blog about the book and the pre-order contest and then leave a link to it in the comments here, I will enter your name in a contest to win one of two prizes: a copy of DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS (ebook or print) or a $10 bookstore giftcard (to your favorite local bookstore if you have one, and if not, to your favorite online bookstore). You can earn up to four entries by doing the following: Blog it (drop me a link here), Tweet it (be sure to @mariecarlson so I see it), post on Tumblr (link me here or on Tumblr, I’m, or publicly Facebook it (drop me a link here). I will draw a name on August 26, so be sure to spread this far and wide.