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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-29

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Werewolf Wednesday…Lesbian Werewolves for the Win! (Rachel Deering’s Anathema, GCLS Conference, and Catherine Lundoff’s Silver Moon)

Just under the wire for Werewolf Wednesday.

Rachel Deering has a Kickstarter to fund the artists for issues #2 through #6 for Anathema, a lesbian werewolf comic, and it ends April 30. Anathema’s Kickstarter page. I haven’t read the first issue, but the preview to the first issue looks awesome, and she’s almost fully funded. I’m looking forward to reading the entire story. Lesbian werewolves for the win!

Speaking of lesbian werewolves for the win, there’s a panel at this year’s Golden Crown Literary Society Conference (a lesbian literature conference) on “Lesbian Shapeshifters and Werecritters.” The conference is June 13-17 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and if you go, I’d love to see your notes on it. (I can’t, that’s right after this year’s wedding season extravaganza [not my wedding, weddings I am attending], and I can already tell I’ll be playing catch-up at work. However, I’m keeping this in mind when scheduling things for 2013.)

To round out today’s Werewolf Wednesday, until April 30, you can enter to win a copy of Silver Moon by Catherine Lundoff. If you follow me on Twitter, you may know I received an arc to read. I’ve finished it, and am working on the review to come (and hope to schedule some sort of book release event with Catherine, which reminds me, I need to email her), but in short, I really loved it and can’t wait to read more in this world.

Seriously, lesbian werewolves for the win!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-08
  • Lesbian werewolf FTW! RT @racheldeering: Not looking too good on the OVER 9,000 front. I need a marketing miracle. #
  • Finished @clundoff's SILVER MOON arc, and it is a delight! I want to read more in this world. Full review to come. Lesbian werewolves FTW! #
  • The fact that I can say lesbian werewolves FTW more than once today fills me with joy and glee. JOY AND GLEE. #
  • Thanks to a #ff link from @clundoff, I just discovered Lunatic Fringe:, @TalesofthePack. More lesbian werewolves FTW! #
  • Apparently, I have even more things to read now! #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-01
  • Just got an arc of SILVER MOON by @clundoff. Lesbian werewolves FTW! Looking forward to reading and reviewing this one. #

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