Twitter Updates for 2010-03-24
  • Switching between technical drafting, erotic short stories, & YA paranormal novel is starting to feel like rollercoaster writing. #amwriting #
  • Check out my friend Zeldyn's Pieces of Eight: Wearable Art. She makes beautiful stuff. #
  • This is really sweet and fun. RT @ lindsey_leavitt On the blog: My first week as a published author. And cake. #
  • I just updated my To Read list (which doesn't include books on the To Read bookcase) and it is now 27 pages long. Need more time! #
  • @tamarbatavraham Nice tiny helmet you have in that picture from @skjoldulfr. It's like my helmet's mini-me. #
  • @moonsanity I highly disagree with the Age of Author post, starting with the idea that most people only have friends their own age. #
  • What do you guys think? Does the age of the author matter? Post suggests it does. I disagree. #

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