Werewolf Wednesday…Werewolf: The Beast Among Us, Newcastle Werewolf, Jack and Diane, Wolves, Snake River wolf pack howling

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us official trailer

I am so excited for this, based entirely on werewolf + woman with a flame thrower. I don’t even care about how (delightfully) cheesy the rest of the trailer is. (Unfortunately, it also looks very likely to suffer from damsel in distress issues, but maybe not.) Universal is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and if this is the way it will celebrate, I am thrilled. More monster movies, please!

From Brewbound.com, Newcastle Werewolf available nationwide in the US until October. Maybe I will finally get to drink my damn werewolf beer! (Tech Guru bought me wolf beer the other day. I’ll have a howling party sometime soon.)

“Werewolf is a dual-character brew that pours “blood” red, starting smooth and ending with a bite.”


Jack and Diane theatrical trailer

I remain intrigued by this movie, and can’t wait until its November release. This trailer makes me think it won’t have nearly enough werewolf to it for me, though. (Still, lesbian werewolves for the win!)

From DreadCentral.com, a new werewolf pack in David Hayter’s Wolves.

From the press release: WOLVES follows the story of Caleb Richards (Till) – a young, handsome eighteen-year-old with an edge. Forced to hit the road after the death of his parents, Caleb finds his way to an isolated town to hunt down the truths of his ancestry. But in the end, who’s hunting whom? With WOLVES Hayter’s goal is to start an original franchise that avoids many of the cliches that have become associated with werewolf films. Igor Studios’ Dave Elsey is designing the original creatures for Wolves, hot off his success creating “Beast” for X-Men: First Class, for which he recently won a Saturn Award.

I’m not too sure about it avoiding the cliches based on that description, but it is something I look forward to watching.

Oregon has posted some of the Snake River wolf pack howling.

While not werewolves, it is amazing. Listen to the pack in the distance; it gives me chills and makes my breath catch every time I listen.

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