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Link…Apocalyptathon 2011 (Month of Thanksgiving Day 5)

(Month of Thanksgiving is exactly what it sounds like: a [hopefully] daily dose of the things for which I give thanks during the month of November.)

Today I am thankful for the Apocalyptathon 2011 celebration over at Moira Rogers’ blog. There are all sorts of prize giveaways, and every day for thirty days, authors and bloggers will talk about their apocalypse books, their favorite apocalypse stories, and on. I love apocalyptic fiction, and I am thrilled at the idea of a month of apocalyptic blog posts.

My favorites so far are: This post about Freeze Line, a post-apocalyptic werewolf and witch novel. (Ice age! Lone werewolf! Witch whose powers are lessened by the ice! It sounds delightful!) This post where E from the Book Pushers talks about great apocalyptic fiction.

Film Friday…Riddick 3, Resident Evil, and Fangland

1) Vin Diesel and Riddick 3

From a few different places, but most recently Boomtron, Vin Diesel reveals new Riddick 3 art. I sort of love that Vin Diesel shares concept art via his Facebook. I’m also thrilled with a new Riddick movie. Pitch Black is amazing. The Chronicles of Riddick, not so great, but I do have a certain fondness for it, too. And I am always a fan of Vin Diesel. (Less than a year until the next Fast and the Furious movie, and I could not be more excited about it!)

Speaking of actors I love who have been in the Fast and the Furious series, check this out!

2) Michelle Rodriguez and Resident Evil

From Bloody-Disgusting.com, Michelle Rodriguez to reprise her role as Rain in Resident Evil. I freaking love Michelle Rodriguez (I was just telling someone today about why I stopped watching Lost), and I found her so intriguing as Rain. I’m excited to see what will happen now that she’s back. (Downside of being a Michelle Rodriguez fan: she tends to die in her roles. Or at least appear to be dead and then return later, which I would be frustrated with, except it means we get more Michelle Rodriguez and that is a good thing. I’m not just looking at Resident Evil here, either.)

I really have no segue into the next movie. Sorry.

3) Stake Land (The most dangerous thing is to be alive.)

Via From Midnight, With Love, a vampire movie released in 2010 that I had no idea existed, and it looks incredible.

I’ll say right off the bat that I wish the main character, who appears to be Martin, was a girl. I am tired of all the stories being about the boys, and then the girls are the victims, the villains, the love interests, or all of the above. (Oh, Supernatural, why must you hate women and characters of color?) That being said, however, I need to purchase this movie immediately, because the trailer is full of things I love. Traveling to survive, banding together to survive, road trips, horror in the corn fields (god, corn, so freaking creepy and yet so delicious), characters fighting for their lives, guns, stakes, monsters that actually eat people — I could go on and on.

I think I’m going to start doing mini movie reviews for Film Friday, as well as talking about movies I can’t wait to see. I tend to write long reviews, which I simply don’t have time to do right now, but maybe if I try hard, I can keep it to a few hundred words and check some things off my To Do list. (For example, I still have “review Fast Five and heist movie + characters of color” on my To Do list. I watched Fast Five awhile ago now. (Though it feels like it was just the other day. This year is getting away from me.) I’m focusing my writing time on fiction mostly, but a few hundred words about the movies I enjoy would be fun.)

What movie news has you excited right now?

Music Monday…Songs From My Current Werewolf Playlist

I realize I did songs from this same playlist the last time I did Music Monday, but it is a massive playlist, so there is always more to share. I have specific songs for specific scenes or chapters, but I also have a playlist for background music; it doesn’t have to exactly match whatever work I’m doing, it just needs to make me feel good while I write, for various definitions of “feel good.” Also, my music can be eclectic.

“Johnny and June” by Heidi Newfield

Johnny Cash references for the win, no matter how cheesy. I grew up loving Johnny Cash’s music, and I just love it more the older I get. Also, I really love the fire in the video here, and that gorgeous car. I like the rise and fall of this, the softness and the powerful chorus. Total windows down, music up roadtrip song.

“Devil Town” Bright Eyes

Not the official music video, but this claymation and live action fusion is fabulous and, at times, hilarious. (The vampires!)

“Whispers in the Dark” Skillet

This great, too, though the version on my playlist is acoustic, and therefore wicked haunting.

“White Sandy Beach” Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

I really should stop putting his music on my playlists, because mostly what it does is break my heart that he isn’t still alive and making music. (Johnny Cash’s music does the same thing to me, really.) I have a lot of Iz’s music on this playlist for a couple reasons, but this is one of my favorites.

“Boxer” The Gaslight Anthem (live at Bonnaroo 2010)

Mostly for these lyrics:

There was something heavy holding you down
And there were whispers that were driving you crazy
And now you hunt the heart of this town
Remember when I knew a boxer baby

“Drop the World” Lil Wayne feat. Eminem

Tech Guru showed this to me for the first, and sold it to me as an apocalyptic rap song. Until that moment, I didn’t know how much I wanted apocalyptic rap songs. The version on my playlist is uncensored and is SO MUCH BETTER. I recommend syncing up an uncensored version with the official video, because it’s amazing. (Tech Guru did this for me the first time, because he is awesome.)

So what are you listening to while you write?

Writing…”Blood on the Moon” available free online

To celebrate the lunar eclipse and the solstice, have a little fortune teller and mindreader story. If you enjoy what you see here, do consider “Blazing Star” in Cast the Cards, which is about the same two characters.

Hope rode hard through the day and all through the night as above her the moon passed through the Earth’s shadow. Past two a.m., her thighs cramped with the cold and the long ride, and though she had only gassed up an hour or so back, she pulled off the highway at a deserted scenic overlook. It was too cold and too dark and too late for any human activity, but she carefully checked for danger before she shut off her bike and removed her helmet, hooking it over one handlebar.

She rested her chin in her hand and cracked her neck first one way and then the other. When the tension loosened, she leaned back a little and turned her face to the sky. Somewhere, monsters howled beneath its fullness. The umbral shadow cast red light across the face of the moon and she shivered for a whole new reason.

Blood on the moon.

Hope clenched her hands into fists; inside her gloves, her fingers ached. When she looked down, she caught sight of the moon reflected in the chrome of her bike, a smear of red that became something else entirely as she watched it.

Death lurked, torn flesh and broken bones and monsters in the darkness, but she still did not see for whom it waited.

She slammed her helmet on again and kicked the bike to life. The highway stretched before her long and dark, but she had miles to go before she knew Bea was safe.


Hope was nearly frozen solid the next night by the time she turned the corner and got her first glimpse of the house. All the main lights were off, but in each window glowed an electric candle, the warm light reaching out into the darkness to guide her home.

She pulled her bike around to the garage on the side of the house and shut it off with a low sigh. Last ride of the season and it was too damn cold. She would switch out the bike for the truck for any hunting over the next few months. It didn’t feel as good, trapped in a box, but it was better than freezing her damn tits off.

Her leather boots creaked as she swung off the bike. They were worn in, almost worn out, but they did her well enough. The boots, the bike, Bea waiting for her somewhere inside, they’d all seen her through some tight spots.

It was unnaturally cold and the sky gray with heavy clouds. In the distance a train whistle rose in a mournful cry and doubt trailed its way down her spine. The danger remained, and she would have to admit to Bea she had no leads on how to stop it.

The back door was unlocked for her, the kitchen empty and quiet. She shed helmet, gloves, boots, and coat there, and padded in her sock feet upstairs. Sure enough, Bea’s bedroom was full of light, real candles on nightstand and dresser and windowsills. They flickered as the air stirred when she opened the door and again when she closed it. She sank against it, exhaustion laying down on her bones.

Bea came out of the bathroom and opened her arms. Hope pushed off the door and crossed the room to her; Bea enveloped her in a hug so strong and so warm it stole her breath. Bea kneaded her fingers into Hope’s back.

“You’re freezing,” she said, and hugged her closer still.

“Little chilly out there,” Hope mumbled into Bea’s shoulder.

“Well then you’re going to love this.” Bea squeezed her once more, and then guided her into the bathroom. More candles lit the room and steam rose gently from the claw-footed tub. The air smelled delightfully of vanilla and lime.

Bea kissed Hope’s temple. “Clean up, warm up. I’ll be waiting.”

Alone in the bathroom, Hope stripped down, leaving her layers in a cold, dirty heap by the door. She eased herself into the tub until the water came up to her chin and let herself relax for the first time since she’d last left Bea’s sanctuary.

She was no closer to finding any answers than she had been then, but the world hadn’t ended yet and as she did every year, Bea kept the candles burning from sunset to sunrise, so sure in her belief that the longest night would end and daylight would return.

Hope let herself fall into that belief and the safety of home.

Publications…Cast the Cards anthology

Since it’s up on Storm Moon Press’s website here, I can announce that I have a short story in the upcoming Cast the Cards anthology, available October 31, 2010. It’s still early in the revision process, so I don’t even have a set title for the story yet, but the working title was “Blazing Star” and the story was based around the Star tarot card.

From the website, Cast the Cards includes six new short stories exploring the themes of the tarot’s Major Arcana through the lens of erotic romance.

“Blazing Star” is the story of a mindreader and the fortunetelling woman she loves, set against the very early stages of an apocalypse.

More information as it is available.

Waiting on Wednesday…Apocalypses, Shapeshifters, and Vampires

From Circlet Press:

Apocalypse Sex: Love Like the End of the World

Description from the call for submissions:

What would you do if you had only 24 hours to live?


24 hours left to do everything you’ve wanted to: Would you make love to the person you’ve always secretly cared for? Have a rendezvous with a stranger on the street? Explore your wildest fantasies, or get back to the basics one last time?

(I wasn’t able to submit to this anthology like I’d planned, but oh, how much am I looking forward to this collection? Apocalypse stories for the win!)

Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2 edited by Trisha Telep.

I’m particularly looking forward to Moira Rogers’ story in this, which is about a lion shifter. (If you couldn’t tell from “Hunter, Prey,” I love lion shapeshifters.)

Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley

Desire Never Dies

Daisy O’Donnell doesn’t get the attraction some women feel for vampires. She likes her men with a heartbeat. And she’s just met one who’s full of life: Erik Delacourt, the unreasonably sexy man she keeps meeting at a popular L.A. nightclub called the Crypt. She barely knows him, but there’s no resisting the connection she feels. . .

There’s one important detail Erik hasn’t gotten around to telling her yet. He’s a powerful vampire out to hunt the Blood Thief who is draining young vampires all over the city–and who has just raised the stakes by destroying one of Erik’s friends. To Erik, Daisy is a bright spot of innocence in a world of darkness and menace. He’ll do anything–even lie to her–to keep her safe and pure.
If only he knew that Daisy has something of her own to hide. . .