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Publications…Cover Reveal for “The Fullness That Love Began” in Daughters of Artemis

Keep an eye out next month for the Daughters of Artemis anthology from Storm Moon Press, which includes my story “The Fullness that Love Began” (though the title of my story may change). “Fullness” is the story of a kinky, bisexual pack leader, the woman she loves, and the male leader of a rival pack who tempts them both.

Blurb: Werewolf lore has been long dominated by the strong alpha male, but what of the strong alpha females? The Storm Moon Press anthology Daughters of Artemis explores this long neglected aspect of the werewolf mythos.

And check out this gorgeous cover.

(Image description: A book cover in grays and shadows, with a full moon in the upper right, partially obscurred by dark clouds and the anthology title, “Daughters of Artemis: A Storm Moon Press Anthology.” A bare tree takes up the left side of the cover, and there are rocks at the bottom. On the rocks is a wolf and two women with pale skin. One woman is naked, the other wearing a dark dress. The clothed woman stands above the wolf and the other woman, the alpha to her pack. Contributors names are in the bottom right corner: Shashauna Thomas, Della Buckland, S.L. Armstrong, Marie Carlson, Erik Moore and K. Piet.)

Publications…Beneath the Changing Moon cover

My short story “Beneath the Changing Moon” will be published by Total E-bound as a part of their Voracious Vamps series this October. “Beneath the Changing Moon” is scheduled to be published 26 October 2009, which is very exciting. I love horror and Halloween and the way the entire month of October is now one long celebration. I love Halloween episodes of my favorite shows and horror movie marathons and the chill in the air and, especially, October’s full moon (4 October, per the Old Farmer’s Almanac).

I’m thrilled to be a part of the media celebration as an author this year.

“Beneath the Changing Moon” is a story about the love, desire, and bloodlust between vampires Amalia and Darren. In a world where vampires have almost died out, procreation is the responsibility of every fertile vampire. For Amalia Vallen, infertility is a curse not because she’s failing her society but because Darren Lin, the man she’s loved since they were children, is fertile. Amalia fears their society – and, worse, Darren’s family – will reject their bonding because she can bear no vampire children. To Darren, it doesn’t matter; all he wants is Amalia’s love. As Amalia struggles to overcome the biases she’s internalized, Darren seduces her romantically and sexually, and she knows eventually she will give in to what he truly wants – and what is absolutely forbidden: the most important vampire ritual, the exchange of their blood.

Here is the cover for “Beneath the Changing Moon”:


All the stories included in the Voracious Vamps line have the same cover. I like that they’re being published separately and that they have matching covers. It’s an interesting way to use technology to make a collection of stories without physically binding them together.

Of course I love the full moon and the way the city looms, old stone worn and moody, and the angle on the shot of the man. He’s not Darren, but I love the bit of menace to the pose and the darkness to the overall cover.

Publications…”Like a Thousand Miles of Fire” cover

Today I received the cover for the Bite Me anthology which includes my story “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”(1). Sexy cover for a sexy story!

Here’s the blurb I wrote for the story: Since the dawn of time, demon and vampire societies have existed under a shaky truce. As the threat of war looms, half-demon Crystal Andraya finds strength and the heat of passion in the arms of her vampire lovers William and Miguel. The world they’ve built together may be falling apart around them, but they know what they want and nothing is more important than the love they share.

I’ll share the publisher’s blurb as soon as it’s available.

Here’s the anthology cover. I’m a fan, particularly of the arms. I love defined arms.

Cover for Bite Me anthology

Cover for Bite Me anthology

(1) Possibly actually titled “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”. I should confirm which is correct.