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Publications…2009 Publications Year in Review

Though I started writing my first erotic paranormal romance short story late in 2008 (and it still hasn’t been published, though it’s currently with a publisher and I’m waiting to hear the result), 2009 was the first year I started actively writing and trying to sell short stories. I’m pleased with the way 2009 turned out for me, and I hope to continue this in 2010. (Even though I missed the deadline for the first call for subs to which I intended to submit. I hope the rest go better.)

I submitted six short stories in 2009. One, as I said, is still with the publisher. Two were rightfully rejected, and I am currently rewriting one of those for a call for subs later this year. Three of the stories were published, which absolutely thrilled me.

2009 Publications

1) Like a Thousand Miles of Fire in Bite Me from Torquere Press

“Like a Thousand Miles of Fire” is is the story of a half-demon, Crystal Andraya, and her two vampire lovers, William and Miguel. They defy the rules of their world to be together, and as war looms between vampires and demons, the only place they can find strength and peace is in each other’s arms.

2) Beneath the Changing Moon in the Voracious Vamps line from Total E-Bound

Blurb: Amalia has always loved the way Darren challenged her with his friendship, but as he seduces her romantically and sexually, she knows eventually she will given in to what he truly wants and what is forbidden: the exchange of their blood.

In a world where vampires have almost died out, procreation is the responsibility of every fertile vampire. For Amalia Vallen, infertility is a curse. Not because she’s failing her society but because Darren Lin, the man she’s loved since they were children, is fertile.

Amalia fears their society – and, worse, Darren’s family – will reject their bonding because she can bear no vampire children. To Darren, it doesn’t matter; all he wants is Amalia’s love. As Amalia struggles to overcome the biases she’s internalised, Darren seduces her into romance, sex, and the most important vampire ritual, sharing blood.

3) Hunter, Prey in Like Tooth and Claw from Circlet Press

Blurb: “Hunter, Prey” is the story of Aisha, a black woman in her thirties who loves to hunt, both animals and sexual partners. Her Halloween fling with the strange and sexy Finn becomes something much more when she’s attacked by a mountain lion while deer hunting in the wilds of Missouri and suddenly she’s faced with a whole new meaning for the word hunter — and the word prey.

Though I primarily read and write werewolf stories, I have yet to sell one! I should try to remedy that in 2010. (The story still with a publisher is a werewolf story, though.)

Publications…Review of “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”

Carole at Rainbow Reviews posted the first review of Bite Me that I’ve seen. It’s a very good review overall, and makes me even happier to be a part of such an interesting anthology.

Here’s what she said about “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”:

Marie Carlson deftly draws a world loosely based on California where demons and vampires are mortal enemies in ” Like a Thousand Miles of Fire.” Half-demon Crystal is in love with William and Miguel, a hot pair of vampires, creating an uneasy alliance with both worlds. The threesome seals their bond in explicitly erotic ways as the world around them hints at war. This story is so well-drawn, so fleshed-out (pun intended!) that it could easily stand alone. I hope that Marie Carlson will continue with more stories in this universe.

I am thrilled with this review both because it is an incredibly kind review and because I am writing more stories in Crystal’s world. In fact, an early draft of “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire” read far more like the first chapter to a novel than a short story, but thanks to my fantastic early readers, I cut an entire scene from the end and beat it into short story shape. So knowing that someone wants more of Crystal’s story absolutely made my day.

Thanks, Carole. I love this review.

Publications…”Like a Thousand Miles of Fire” cover

Today I received the cover for the Bite Me anthology which includes my story “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”(1). Sexy cover for a sexy story!

Here’s the blurb I wrote for the story: Since the dawn of time, demon and vampire societies have existed under a shaky truce. As the threat of war looms, half-demon Crystal Andraya finds strength and the heat of passion in the arms of her vampire lovers William and Miguel. The world they’ve built together may be falling apart around them, but they know what they want and nothing is more important than the love they share.

I’ll share the publisher’s blurb as soon as it’s available.

Here’s the anthology cover. I’m a fan, particularly of the arms. I love defined arms.

Cover for Bite Me anthology

Cover for Bite Me anthology

(1) Possibly actually titled “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”. I should confirm which is correct.

Publications…”Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”

I think I can announce this now, since the contract is in and the first round of edits have been completed. My first short story publication will be “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”(1) in Torqure Press’s “Bite Me” anthology.

I’ll post information and links here as they are available, and maybe even an excerpt which was cut from an early draft.

“thousand miles of fire” is a sexy threesome story about a demon involved with two vampires and their fun sexy escapades.

(1) Though until the proofs come in, I suppose this is still a working title and may change.