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Werewolf Wednesday…

FDR: American Badass trailer

Potential for racism and sexism and ableism: high. HOWEVER, werewolves at war + silver bullet shooting wheelchair = AMAZING. Also, the cheese level here is amazing. Cheesy werewolf movies for the win.

Werewolves takes the form of an illustrated journal that plunges readers into the life of a high school girl-turned-werewolf as she makes her transformation. After Alice and her brother are bitten by what they assume are large dogs, her journal/sketchbook becomes a place for her to record the changes they start to experience her socially awkward brother falls in with some creepy new friends, and she surprises herself with new strengths and instincts and a suddenly nonvegetarian interest in raw steak. Joining the werewolf pack that bit them, they discover the pleasures and dangers that come with the cycles of the moon, including threats from “hunters” who stalk them, a researcher seeking a cure, and escalating violence within the pack itself. With a fresh take on the lore and legend, Werewolves gives fans a ripping tale to sink their teeth into.

Good grief, I am tempted to overnight this because I want to read it RIGHT NOW. I wonder what the odds are that one of the bookstores here, independent or chain, would have this in stock. Probably low, unfortunately. But this has the potential to have so many things I love: siblings! werewolves! sketchbook as journal! navigating the new strengths and instincts as a werewolf! pleasures and dangers that come with the cycles of the moon! researchers working for cures! pack politics and violence! At least on the surface, this looks nearly custom-made to be something I will love.

From Bloody-Disgusting.com, werewolf found footage film from the team behind Devil Inside.

The plot is being kept under tight wraps, but the film is expected to follow in the found-footage style of Devil Inside. Bloody Disgusting did the actual leg work and exclusively learned the project is a werewolf film. We’ve been told that the pic takes place in police station with the suspect turning into a werewolf.

I didn’t actually know Devil Inside was found footage. I am cautiously excited about the werewolf movie, though I fear there will be a lot of first person (as it is, you know, found footage), which can be a problem for me, but maybe it will worth it. I hope it is worth it. I love the idea of a found footage werewolf movie, though we’ll see how the execution is. (I’d love to read the book equivalent of a found footage movie. A diary? Or even just a collection of short stories that are like the scenes of the movie? I will give this more thought. If you have any recommendations, that would be wonderful.)

From Werewolf-News.com, MacGuffin’s Curse werewolf puzzle game.

WEREWOLF PUZZLE GAME, YES PLEASE! This is almost as awesome (or, probably, way more awesome) than the werewolf slot machine I found one glorious night in a casino. (And then, much like an elusive werewolf, I couldn’t find the damn thing the next time. They got rid of it, and my heart broke a little. If I can track one down, I am going to buy it. It was a slot machine with a story built into it, and it was amazing.) But this! MacGuffin’s Curse looks like it will combine the awesomeness of werewolves with the fun of puzzle games (and this is probably a personal preference, but I think puzzle games are full of fun) in fabulous ways. I am really looking forward to giving this a try. WEREWOLF PUZZLE GAME!

Trailer Thursday…Harbor Moon trailer (Month of Thanksgiving Day 3)

(Month of Thanksgiving is exactly what it sounds like: a [hopefully] daily dose of the things for which I give thanks during the month of November.)

Today I give thanks for this awesome trailer for Harbor Moon. (Beware fast flashing images that may induce vertigo or seizures. I started to have an issue with it toward the end.)

Blurb: When Timothy Vance receives a call from a man claiming to be his long-lost father, he takes a trip to out-of-the-way Harbor Moon, Maine. But the man is nowhere to be found and unfortunately for Tim, the town doesn’t take very kindly to strangers. As he struggles to stay alive and learn the truth about his father, Tim discovers that Harbor Moon is protecting an incredible secret… and it turns out that Tim may have more in common with its residents than he could ever imagine…

This looks freaking awesome. Blood, guts, the monsters that hunt the night, and the things even monsters fear.

Werewolf Wednesday…Dog Soldiers Red teaser (Dog Soldiers 2), The Howling Reborn dvd trailer, Monster Brawl trailer

1) Dog Soldiers Red teaser

From Bloody-Disgusting.com, stills and a teaser for Dog Soldiers Red. So apparently we are going to get a Dog Soldiers 2, which fills me with such joy I can barely sit still long enough to type this. Dog Soldiers is one of my favorite werewolf movies, and I wasn’t sure we would ever get a sequel to it.

Though, I’ll admit, after watching this Dog Soldiers Red teaser for Dog Soldiers: Legacy, which will be a web series, I am somewhat less than thrilled. While the werewolf make-up is still the amazing Dog Soldiers style, the minute plus we get of the teaser shows nothing new from werewolf stories. Grandmother, Red, werewolf, been there and done that. I expected more, especially with the use of Little Red Riding Hood + werewolf, which is my favorite way to retell the story.

(I am frequently disappointed by such retellings, though. I may need to reconsider my love of it. And I really should vent here about Red Riding Hood at some point.)

Still, a new Dog Soldiers movie, that’s pretty thrilling.

2) The Howling Reborn dvd trailer

Speaking of sequels/remakes to werewolf movies I love, and also from Bloody-Disgusting.com, a new trailer for the straight-to-dvd release of The Howling Reborn.

I am wicked sad that this won’t be released in the theaters, even though I think it will be ridiculous. It also looks like it will be a lot of fun. (Fire! Werewolves! Guns! Teens bonding together to fight monsters! Teens both embracing and fighting the monster inside! A gorgeous, haunting version of “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” [I actually collect covers of this song. GORGEOUS.] I believe this is Gus’s cover, but I am bad at Name That Tune.)

I am almost ashamed of how much I am looking forward to this movie. I mean, it’s a remake of a movie I love, the ultimate horror movie for me, the horror movie that begat all other horror movies in my world. It is why I write the things I do. (Well, it and The Lost Boys.) This remake is certain to be terrible. And yet I am ridiculously thrilled over it.

3) Monster Brawl trailer

Speaking of ridiculous, Monster Brawl. Underground fighting + monsters. GO WEREWOLF GO.

I am pretty sure this will be the most intentionally ridiculous movie I will watch all year. Maybe in my life. And I can’t wait.

Werewolf Wednesday…”The Howling Reborn” Trailer and Analysis

The Howling is one of my favorite movies. It means a lot to me; it was the first horror movie I ever watched, and it was the beginning of my love of werewolves. I enjoy the rest of the series, and I’ve watched a lot of werewolf movies in my time, good and bad, but none have ever been as awesome or meant as much to me as The Howling.

If you haven’t heard about The Howling Reborn, here is a blurb:

On the eve of his high school graduation, unremarkable Will Kidman finally bonds with the girl he has long yearned for, reclusive Eliana Wynter. But he also discovers a dark secret from his past… that he is about to become a werewolf. Now, in an effort to fight destiny and save their love as well as their lives, they must battle not only Will’s growing blood lust but an army of fearsome beasts bent on killing them… and then, us all.

Based on that, the remake sounds less The Howling and more a mix of Skinwalkers (2006) and the movie adaptation of Blood and Chocolate, but let’s take a look at the trailer.

I love YA fiction, and I can understand wanting to focus on younger characters to hit some target markets, but it completely doesn’t feel like The Howling from the first second simply because the characters are in high school. I’m afraid this is going to be one of those remakes/sequels where they would have been better off not to attach the franchise name to it (I’m looking at you, sequels to The Lost Boys.)

Will opens with some cheesy language about the days that change your life forever. He also hits on Eliana, and as cheesy as it is, I do love the line about how she’s in color when the rest of the world is in black and white. (The trailer makes a lot of use of black and white scenes juxtaposed with scenes in color, so it is good to open with this line.)

Eliana has a line about not biting…much, and it is just as ridiculous as you’d expect in a werewolf movie. However, I’m a pretty big fan of Lindsey Shaw as an actor, and I’m looking forward to watching her in a movie. Lots of time to enjoy the way she says her lines, and also, she’s gorgeous.

The metaphor of graduation, high school students becoming something else and the werewolf story of a teen becoming something else could be really nice.

I love Eliana with her flame thrower and her gun, but it already looks like she’s going to walk the line between victim and villain, as is usual for women in horror and for women who are werewolves. I am tired of men being the heroes in everything, and I am tired of women getting to be victims or villains and that is it. (Supernatural, I am looking at you.) Maybe The Howling Reborn will surprise me. I hope. (This is probably one of the reasons I love The Howling so much. It is obviously Karen’s story, and though there are some issues, she gets to be more than the victim, at least for awhile. UGH, now I am angry at my favorite horror movie, too.)

The trailer is very shiny, lots of black and white scenes versus color scenes, and lots of pretty shots of the full moon (including a blue moon literally shot in shades of blue), which yes, is typical and cheesy, but is also something I love. The bits of destruction in the high school we see is very nice, tying into the metaphor of high school is hell that Buffy the Vampire Slayer did so well as well as the theme of metamorphosis as you approach graduation.

Underground parties, werewolves in leather stalking down the hall in a badass powerwalk, howling in the distance, werewolves in human form leaping over things in inhuman ways, the shot of a girl’s spine as she transforms, the blood inside changing you into something inhuman, fire to purge the wolf, the use of the blue moon in the story, and technology being used in the fight against the werewolves: at least from the shots in the trailer, this movie was made with me in mind. (If the trailer whipped out parkour for the werewolves, it wouldn’t matter what else happened, I’d watch the movie.) (Okay, with a werewolf movie, no matter what the trailer says, it’s pretty much a given I’ll watch it anyway.)

From the trailer, it is not a very diverse movie. The black best friend probably gets dead, or at least knocked around. Almost everyone is thin and pretty and white and able bodied. The characters come across as very straight, though sexual preference is harder to show in the short clips in a trailer. Very male dominated, with the few women appearing to be villains and maybe a little victims.

It looks like it might be an entertaining werewolf movie, but I think it would do better to not be a remake of The Howling, which brings in expectations that I am doubtful will be met.