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Publications…Full (Moon) Flash Fiction “Moonlit” available free online

Oh dear. Apparently last month’s new experiment was left a draft and not an actual post. That explains so much! So here is May’s Full (Moon) Flash Fiction, “Moonlit,” and in a moment, I will post the entry for June.

At this point, technical issues and time constraints have led to such a lengthy delay of “The Rise and Fall of Cassandra Jones” that I am a bit overwhelmed at trying to recreate what was lost and catch up. I am shelving it this year, and instead will be writing flash fiction. Or at least my take on flash fiction, which I have randomly decided will mean 500 words not counting the title for this project.

To kick off Full (Moon) Flash Fiction for May’s Milk Moon (Supermoon), I present:


I felt swollen, my skin stretched too taut, too thin. I would burst soon like an over-ripe piece of fruit. Not quite there, still safe to eat, but almost not, sweet and heavy on the tongue, one breath, maybe two, from the rot lurking just beyond the wash of juice. I licked my lips, tasted metal and dirt, and rolled over onto my back. The hot air sank into me, sweat springing up beneath my breasts, along the curve of my stomach and thighs. I pressed bare feet against dry grass and stared up into the creeping darkness. Sunset was seven minutes after the (super) moon rose. I shivered at the thought of sunlight and moonlight (sunlight reflected, refracted, twisted, broken into something new) kissing in the sky.

Anticipation, but a specific kind, sexual, sensual and warm. I stretched, languid, calling my lover to me. She crept across the edge of my (world) vision, (moon) woman reaching for me with pale fingers so gentle, so cold, and tugged me into the shadows underneath the old oak tree.

Her full mouth, slicked red, twisted into a smirk, and she crawled along me, lingering at the bone of my ankles, the dip of my knees, the long lines of flesh up the inside of my thighs. I canted my hips up at her, wanting, but she rested her hands on my stomach, digging her nails into my flesh, and leant forward, dark hair tumbling down across my breasts.

“Soon?” she asked, voice the quiet rustle of a soft wind through the cornfield. Any stronger, and it would drown out other noises, creeping through my senses and bringing the hair on the back of my neck up. (I ran through corn on four legs, on two, pushing aside the stalks, and at ten, at sixteen, at twenty-two, it chased me, wind-fast through the darkness.)

“Two minutes.” The words grumbled in the back of my throat, and I coughed to clear them. “Little less.”

“No time.” She sank into me, nudging her thigh between my legs, pressing into the hot, wet pulse of my cunt, and my heartbeat was so loud in my ears, her chest silent. She was right, we didn’t have time for this, I couldn’t come so fast, but still I arched into her, grinding against her (bad dog, no humping, and my laugh bubbled up, spilling out with the ferocity of a howl). “I’ll be watching.”

In the distance, the pack I would join once I shifted. She couldn’t get close to me then, my girl, bruised fruit mouth and (stolen) blood on her breath. The smell of her all over me kept me wary of my family, waiting for me to come to them beneath the moon.

“Oh,” I said, “now”

She dropped a kiss to my hungry mouth, tongue across the spot I’d chewed rough (bloody), and she was gone, lost to the sky. My back arched, a howl clawing up my throat, the monster rising from within.

Film Friday…Riddick 3, Resident Evil, and Fangland

1) Vin Diesel and Riddick 3

From a few different places, but most recently Boomtron, Vin Diesel reveals new Riddick 3 art. I sort of love that Vin Diesel shares concept art via his Facebook. I’m also thrilled with a new Riddick movie. Pitch Black is amazing. The Chronicles of Riddick, not so great, but I do have a certain fondness for it, too. And I am always a fan of Vin Diesel. (Less than a year until the next Fast and the Furious movie, and I could not be more excited about it!)

Speaking of actors I love who have been in the Fast and the Furious series, check this out!

2) Michelle Rodriguez and Resident Evil

From Bloody-Disgusting.com, Michelle Rodriguez to reprise her role as Rain in Resident Evil. I freaking love Michelle Rodriguez (I was just telling someone today about why I stopped watching Lost), and I found her so intriguing as Rain. I’m excited to see what will happen now that she’s back. (Downside of being a Michelle Rodriguez fan: she tends to die in her roles. Or at least appear to be dead and then return later, which I would be frustrated with, except it means we get more Michelle Rodriguez and that is a good thing. I’m not just looking at Resident Evil here, either.)

I really have no segue into the next movie. Sorry.

3) Stake Land (The most dangerous thing is to be alive.)

Via From Midnight, With Love, a vampire movie released in 2010 that I had no idea existed, and it looks incredible.

I’ll say right off the bat that I wish the main character, who appears to be Martin, was a girl. I am tired of all the stories being about the boys, and then the girls are the victims, the villains, the love interests, or all of the above. (Oh, Supernatural, why must you hate women and characters of color?) That being said, however, I need to purchase this movie immediately, because the trailer is full of things I love. Traveling to survive, banding together to survive, road trips, horror in the corn fields (god, corn, so freaking creepy and yet so delicious), characters fighting for their lives, guns, stakes, monsters that actually eat people — I could go on and on.

I think I’m going to start doing mini movie reviews for Film Friday, as well as talking about movies I can’t wait to see. I tend to write long reviews, which I simply don’t have time to do right now, but maybe if I try hard, I can keep it to a few hundred words and check some things off my To Do list. (For example, I still have “review Fast Five and heist movie + characters of color” on my To Do list. I watched Fast Five awhile ago now. (Though it feels like it was just the other day. This year is getting away from me.) I’m focusing my writing time on fiction mostly, but a few hundred words about the movies I enjoy would be fun.)

What movie news has you excited right now?

I Recommend…”Leila” by Elizabeth Reeve

(I also recommend my brand new laptop, which is shiny and giant and amazing.)

“Leila” by Elizabeth Reeve from Torquere Press

Blurb: When college student Megan hits the library, she’s looking for sources for a paper on Carmilla, an early vampire story. But in gorgeous librarian Leila, she finds much, much more. It’s no surprise that Leila haunts Megan’s dreams, but as her fantasies heat up, she begins to wonder — is Leila really who she seems to be?

“Leila” is a sexy and fun lesbian vampire story that addresses and reinterprets Carmilla in delightful ways. I am a sucker for metatextual stories where the sex is smoking and the characters interesting, and “Leila” has that in spades. Megan is smart and fun and practical, and Leila charming and mysterious. If you love vampires, lesbians, and stories which are aware of their place in vampire canon, I think you will enjoy “Leila.”

(Full disclosure, Elizabeth and I are in the same writing group, and I did work with her on this story. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t love it.)

Contests…Win a Copy of DARKLANDS: A VAMPIRE’S TALE by Donna Burgess

Alas, I do not have any books to give away right now, but I do have a link to where you can win a free book.

Over at JoJosBookCorner, Donna Burgess is on blog tour for DARKLANDS: A VAMPIRE’S TALE. The book sounds really intriguing, and Donna gives some advice on writing which I really enjoyed, except for one part. She basically said not to show your early books to your family and friends because they wouldn’t provide the kind of feedback you need, and I deeply disagree with that part. Here’s the comment I left there:

I really love your writing advice, Donna, except for the part about not sharing your writing with your family and friends. I know this will vary, obviously, but my sisters are some of my earliest readers for feedback on plot and characterization and my parents provide general cheerleading. (Plus my dad is one of my subject matter experts.) Some of my closest friends are members of my writing and critique group. (Though part of why we’re so close is how much time we spend interacting through the group.) My writing would be so much worse, and the process much more stressful, if I didn’t have their input and encouragement. Having my friends and family involved helps make it quite an adventure.

I love seeing different people’s processes, though, for just this reason. We all go about things in such varied ways.

So what do you guys think? Do your families and close friends get to read your work in drafts?

Contests…Vampire Lumberjacks vs. Werewolf Bootleggers

I’m a fan of Moira Rogers’ writing (and the women who comprise her) (I have a review to finish of one of Moira’s books, actually), and I think this contest is not only fun and entertaining, but a really great way to get people talking about two different characters (or categories of characters).

Disclaimer Text:

This post is a part of Moira Rogers’ Creature Feature Kindle Throwdown Contest. By leaving a (meaningful) comment, you will be entered to win a Kindle from Amazon.com, or an alternate grand prize of $275 to spend at an online book retailer. For a full list of rules and more ways to win, visit the contest page.

I’m on Team Werewolf. Find out more.

I’m sure it surprises no one to know that I’m Team Werewolf. I’m not sure there’s been a time when I wasn’t Team Werewolf, if a Team Werewolf was available. (For example, in The Lost Boys, I’m Team Vampire all the way, but there wasn’t really a Team Werewolf option then.)

In this particular case, I was kind of torn, though. A vampire lumberjack sounds awesome. All that flannel and slamming down of axes and cutting things — hot. (Though I prefer my trees standing tall and still growing.) (That’s what she said.)

However, a werewolf bootlegger — well now. That’s pretty spectacular itself, illicit brewing, sneaking alcohol into secret parties, tommy guns and sepia tones, pinstripe suits and fedoras cocked just so — also hot. Plus I love the way cars and alcohol and secret parties can be combined when it comes to stories about bootleggers. Add to that werewolves and the beast inside, there’s no real contest.

Team Werewolf Bootlegger all the way.

Which team would you join? Why?

Waiting on Wednesday…Apocalypses, Shapeshifters, and Vampires

From Circlet Press:

Apocalypse Sex: Love Like the End of the World

Description from the call for submissions:

What would you do if you had only 24 hours to live?


24 hours left to do everything you’ve wanted to: Would you make love to the person you’ve always secretly cared for? Have a rendezvous with a stranger on the street? Explore your wildest fantasies, or get back to the basics one last time?

(I wasn’t able to submit to this anthology like I’d planned, but oh, how much am I looking forward to this collection? Apocalypse stories for the win!)

Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2 edited by Trisha Telep.

I’m particularly looking forward to Moira Rogers’ story in this, which is about a lion shifter. (If you couldn’t tell from “Hunter, Prey,” I love lion shapeshifters.)

Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley

Desire Never Dies

Daisy O’Donnell doesn’t get the attraction some women feel for vampires. She likes her men with a heartbeat. And she’s just met one who’s full of life: Erik Delacourt, the unreasonably sexy man she keeps meeting at a popular L.A. nightclub called the Crypt. She barely knows him, but there’s no resisting the connection she feels. . .

There’s one important detail Erik hasn’t gotten around to telling her yet. He’s a powerful vampire out to hunt the Blood Thief who is draining young vampires all over the city–and who has just raised the stakes by destroying one of Erik’s friends. To Erik, Daisy is a bright spot of innocence in a world of darkness and menace. He’ll do anything–even lie to her–to keep her safe and pure.
If only he knew that Daisy has something of her own to hide. . .

Waiting on Wednesday…Zombies, Werewolves, and Vampires, Oh My

From Living Dead Press:


The history of the walking dead is a long one.

Since before man walked the Earth, the dead have been with us. […]

From Egypt, to London, to the first moon landing, to the old West; zombies have been a part of our culture, our very lives, though each time it has been erased, eradicated from our history.

Perhaps in these lost tales of our past is the hope for our future. […]

From Mike Oliveri:

The Pack Book One: Winter Kill

(Except by waiting on, I mean it’s already available and I didn’t realize it until I went to find a link for this post. Huh.)

For generations, the northern Minnesota mountain region has been a haven for peaceful hikes and breath-taking scenery. But when tourists suddenly turn up dead, FBI special agents Angela Wallace and Brian Shilling are called in to investigate, only to discover that the murders may be part of a deadlier, supernatural mystery.

The Pack series of horror fiction and graphic novels tells the story of the Tylers, a close-knit family trying to deal with their supernatural legacy in an ever-changing world.

Winter Kill picks up two years after the events of Werewolves: Call of the Wild, a comic miniseries from Moonstone Books. A prose book, it was released for the Kindle on Halloween and in trade paperback in December.

From BBC:

Being Human: Chasers

George’s friend, Kaz, arrives at the flat with a staggering request: she and her partner Lucy want to have a child, and they’d like George to be the father. George is warming to the idea – he’s always wanted kids, and he can be as involved in the baby’s life as he wishes – but he is wary: what if his condition is genetic?

Mitchell and Annie don’t approve of the new plan, but Mitchell is wrestling with a difficult decision of his own. His new friend, Leo, is surprisingly good company for a pasty older bloke who believes the 1980s were a golden age. But he seems a little too interested in Mitchell’s family and history – and he has a surprising request of his own in store for his new friend…

Being Human: The Road

The first in a brand new list of tie-in novels for the hit BBC series Being Human.

Annie has learned quite a bit about her new friend Gemma: she’s 40 and used to work in a pharmacy, she likes to go bowling, and she’s never forgiven herself for the suicide of her teenage son. She also died ten years ago and doesn’t know why she’s come back through that door…

Perhaps it has something to do with the new road they’re building through the rundown part of town. The city’s plans are sparking protests, and Annie knows those derelict houses hold a secret in Gemma’s past. Will stopping the demolition help Gemma be at peace again? Annie wants George and Mitchell to join the road protest, but they’re more concerned by mysterious deaths at the hospital. Deaths that have also attracted the attention of the new Hospital Administrator…

Publications…2009 Publications Year in Review

Though I started writing my first erotic paranormal romance short story late in 2008 (and it still hasn’t been published, though it’s currently with a publisher and I’m waiting to hear the result), 2009 was the first year I started actively writing and trying to sell short stories. I’m pleased with the way 2009 turned out for me, and I hope to continue this in 2010. (Even though I missed the deadline for the first call for subs to which I intended to submit. I hope the rest go better.)

I submitted six short stories in 2009. One, as I said, is still with the publisher. Two were rightfully rejected, and I am currently rewriting one of those for a call for subs later this year. Three of the stories were published, which absolutely thrilled me.

2009 Publications

1) Like a Thousand Miles of Fire in Bite Me from Torquere Press

“Like a Thousand Miles of Fire” is is the story of a half-demon, Crystal Andraya, and her two vampire lovers, William and Miguel. They defy the rules of their world to be together, and as war looms between vampires and demons, the only place they can find strength and peace is in each other’s arms.

2) Beneath the Changing Moon in the Voracious Vamps line from Total E-Bound

Blurb: Amalia has always loved the way Darren challenged her with his friendship, but as he seduces her romantically and sexually, she knows eventually she will given in to what he truly wants and what is forbidden: the exchange of their blood.

In a world where vampires have almost died out, procreation is the responsibility of every fertile vampire. For Amalia Vallen, infertility is a curse. Not because she’s failing her society but because Darren Lin, the man she’s loved since they were children, is fertile.

Amalia fears their society – and, worse, Darren’s family – will reject their bonding because she can bear no vampire children. To Darren, it doesn’t matter; all he wants is Amalia’s love. As Amalia struggles to overcome the biases she’s internalised, Darren seduces her into romance, sex, and the most important vampire ritual, sharing blood.

3) Hunter, Prey in Like Tooth and Claw from Circlet Press

Blurb: “Hunter, Prey” is the story of Aisha, a black woman in her thirties who loves to hunt, both animals and sexual partners. Her Halloween fling with the strange and sexy Finn becomes something much more when she’s attacked by a mountain lion while deer hunting in the wilds of Missouri and suddenly she’s faced with a whole new meaning for the word hunter — and the word prey.

Though I primarily read and write werewolf stories, I have yet to sell one! I should try to remedy that in 2010. (The story still with a publisher is a werewolf story, though.)

Publications…”Beneath the Changing Moon” excerpt for release day

Today “Beneath the Changing Moon,” one of the stories in Total E-Bound’s Voracious Vamps collection, is available here.

(Edit: Inspired by a conversation with Eliza Reeve, “Beneath the Changing Moon” is approximately 12,000 words and is therefore a novelette and not a short story.)

I’ve talked about the problems I faced while writing it, and I am still worried about those issues, particularly that it looks like I think women should be obsessed with having babies, which I don’t, but overall I am really pleased with this story.

Blurb: Amalia has always loved the way Darren challenged her with his friendship, but as he seduces her romantically and sexually, she knows eventually she will given in to what he truly wants and what is forbidden: the exchange of their blood.

In a world where vampires have almost died out, procreation is the responsibility of every fertile vampire. For Amalia Vallen, infertility is a curse. Not because she’s failing her society but because Darren Lin, the man she’s loved since they were children, is fertile.

Amalia fears their society – and, worse, Darren’s family – will reject their bonding because she can bear no vampire children. To Darren, it doesn’t matter; all he wants is Amalia’s love. As Amalia struggles to overcome the biases she’s internalised, Darren seduces her into romance, sex, and the most important vampire ritual, sharing blood.

There’s an excerpt at the publisher’s website, but I will provide part of it here as well, to entice you to go there.


August 2009 – Blood Moon

All vampire rituals took place beneath the cycle of the Blood Moon. Our blood was thick in the heat and sluggish in our veins. I wasn’t quite twenty-five when my mom took me to the Blood-Seer. Mom had a fresh manicure and the sick-sweet smell of the chemicals made me gag. I didn’t know how she could stand it. My appointment was early in the month, because we weren’t rich enough to afford the Seer’s work beneath the full moon, but she was wise and her power always great.

Her fingers were dry and rough like gnawed bone when she took my hand and led me into her workroom. The lights were dim, the windows curtained. Night fell late and I was often tired in the summer, but anticipation stirred me, wound me up.

She laid a fire despite the heat, and the warmth of the room was oppressive. My eyes dried out and my skin tingled. When her fingers passed along my arm, numbness followed her touch.

It was better that way, for she lifted my wrists and laid open my veins.

I had felt nothing like it before. I would feel nothing like it ever again.

The Blood-Seer put her mouth to my skin and drank me down, but did not pierce me with her fangs. If she did, her venom would contaminate my blood and she wouldn’t get a good reading from it. That was almost the worst thing which could happen.

She drank for so long my head lolled back and my eyes closed. It hurt too much—it felt too good—too sleep, but my bones were heavy and my joints ached. I was due another growth spurt soon. Mom measured my progress on the wall. She was pleased I was tall like her. I could tell because she smiled widely every time I grew even a centimetre.

“Be still.” The Blood-Seer’s voice was as dry as her hands. I slit my eyes open and watched as she gathered my blood into little glass vials. She would smell it, analyse it, put it under the microscope, add her powders, do her science-magic. No one but a Blood-Seer could know the exact process. We trusted that she was well trained. We trusted that she knew.

No one ever questioned her.

You can read the rest of the excerpt and buy “Beneath the Changing Moon” here.

Publications…Review of “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”

Carole at Rainbow Reviews posted the first review of Bite Me that I’ve seen. It’s a very good review overall, and makes me even happier to be a part of such an interesting anthology.

Here’s what she said about “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire”:

Marie Carlson deftly draws a world loosely based on California where demons and vampires are mortal enemies in ” Like a Thousand Miles of Fire.” Half-demon Crystal is in love with William and Miguel, a hot pair of vampires, creating an uneasy alliance with both worlds. The threesome seals their bond in explicitly erotic ways as the world around them hints at war. This story is so well-drawn, so fleshed-out (pun intended!) that it could easily stand alone. I hope that Marie Carlson will continue with more stories in this universe.

I am thrilled with this review both because it is an incredibly kind review and because I am writing more stories in Crystal’s world. In fact, an early draft of “Like a Thousand Miles of Fire” read far more like the first chapter to a novel than a short story, but thanks to my fantastic early readers, I cut an entire scene from the end and beat it into short story shape. So knowing that someone wants more of Crystal’s story absolutely made my day.

Thanks, Carole. I love this review.