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Publications…2011 Year in Review

2011 was sort of a disappointing year for me, writing-wise. I had the pleasure to continue to work with some amazing editors and publishers, and I love the stories of mine that were published (or rereleased) this year, but my personal writing output was disappointing to me. I know why, of course, my other career took a lot more time this year than it has in any previous year, but I hope to find a better way to balance my careers in 2012. To that end, I’ve set some short story goals for the year, and we will see how I do. Also under consideration is a website redesign (posts are truncating weirdly on the main page, I’ve noticed) and more guest blogging. More blogging in general.

Here are the stories of mine that were published in 2011.


“Cycles” in Like a Moonrise from Circlet Press

Blurb: Shapeshifting is a powerful metaphor for eroticism, and in Circlet Press’s new ebook, Like a Moonrise, that metaphor is made central to these erotic coming-of-age fantasies.

Like a Moonrise is an anthology of six stories featuring original shapeshifters with a coming of age theme.The stories in this anthology explain what the werefox, werepony, and others face as they discover their own changes and the urges and instincts that come with it. Circlet Press moves beyond the now-common realm of vampires and werewolves to explore the sexual lives of different were-creatures with these stories.


“Blazing Star” rereleased as a solo from Storm Moon Press

Blurb: For over 250 years, the use of the tarot for divination has been a mainstay of mystical and occult practices. The themes and forces represented by the cards are said to govern our lives and our destinies. Whether you believe that or not, the story of the cards is nevertheless the story of our lives — the accomplishments and the pitfalls, the path from soaring joy to crushing defeat and back again.

Bea is a mind reader, weary of battle, but still with the Star in her eyes. Her lover, Hope, returns to Bea’s sanctuary in need of comfort and guidance, which Bea is only too happy to give. But the respite is short-lived when other Hunters show up at the sanctuary with news of an impending battle. Bea knows she must let Hope go, even though it may be for the last time.


“The Fullness That Love Began” in Daughters of Artemis from Storm Moon Press

Blurb: Werewolf lore has long been dominated by tales of the strong alpha male, but what of the strong alpha females? The Storm Moon Press anthology Daughters of Artemis explores this mostly neglected aspect of the werewolf mythos, with an erotic twist.

Publications…2010 Publications Year in Review (belated)

While cleaning up tags, I realized I never posted my 2010 Publications Year in Review. I know 2011 is basically half over as it is, but I’m going to post it anyway. The completest in me needs to do so, plus I like being able to look back over the tag and see what I’ve done each year.

As I discussed in the 2009 Publications Year in Review, I submitted six short stories in 2009, three of which were published. I did not sell a single werewolf story, despite that being my main area of reading and writing.

In 2010, I submitted six short stories and one novella. I then pulled the novella, because it really needs to be a novel instead. Of the six short stories, two were sold and published in 2010. One of those two was sold a second time in 2011 to be republished in 2011. Three were sold to be published in 2011. And one was rejected because the anthology itself was cancelled. (I then rewrote it some and submitted it as one of the other six stories.) Basically, I sold everything I submitted in one form or another and resold one of those stories in 2011. That wasn’t clear until I started writing this post, so I’m glad I did. That’s awesome. I finally sold a werewolf short story in 2010, but it didn’t come out until 2011.

I also started writing some short stories to be available free here on the website. I tend to tie them in to the full moon, of course, but may branch out on that in the future.

So here are the stories I published in 2010:

FREE: “Harvest Moon”, September 2010
Blurb: There’s power to the harvest moon and to the equinox. When those things combine, Tia’s pack of werewolves can barely wait for moonrise and their hunt. Their energy high, Andy and her girlfriend Fiona celebrate another successful werewolf run with a sexy morning interlude in the woods. (Prequel to “The Fullness that Love Began” in DAUGHTERS OF ARTEMIS forthcoming in 2011 from Storm Moon Press.)

“Blazing Star” in CAST THE CARDS from Storm Moon Press, October 31, 2010
Blurb: For over 250 years, the use of the tarot for divination has been a mainstay of mystical and occult practices. CAST THE CARDS is a collection of six all-new short stories that explore some of the powerful themes associated with the Major Arcana, all with an eye toward erotic romance with GLBT and alt-lifestyle characters and motifs.

“Blazing Star” is a story about a mind reader and her fortunetelling, monster-hunting lover who face a world headed into a potential apocalypse. Together the two women create a sanctuary for the other monster hunters, but not even a magic-protected sanctuary can guarantee protection when the world is ending.

BAD GIRL’S SWEET KISS from Xcite Books, November 3, 2010.
Blurb: A blow-by-blow anthology of first-time fellatio and other oral delights.

Chrissie Bentley is a woman on a mission – to raise the profile of oral sex. In BAD GIRL’S SWEET KISS she has brought together her own experiences as well as those of many other erotic writers from all over the world. From some of the most well-known voices in erotica to more recent newcomers to the field, everybody’s first time is different. In this diverse collection of blow-by-blow accounts exploring an oft-overlooked act of intimacy, you’ll find something to shock, titillate, amuse as well as trigger memories of your own oral initiation.

FREE: “Blood on the Moon” December 2010.
Blurb: Hope has been searching for a way to stop the apocalypse for weeks, for months, without a break, but even without finding any answers, she still can take the time to go home. (Sequel to “Blazing Star” in CAST THE CARDS from Storm Moon Press.)

Publications…2009 Publications Year in Review

Though I started writing my first erotic paranormal romance short story late in 2008 (and it still hasn’t been published, though it’s currently with a publisher and I’m waiting to hear the result), 2009 was the first year I started actively writing and trying to sell short stories. I’m pleased with the way 2009 turned out for me, and I hope to continue this in 2010. (Even though I missed the deadline for the first call for subs to which I intended to submit. I hope the rest go better.)

I submitted six short stories in 2009. One, as I said, is still with the publisher. Two were rightfully rejected, and I am currently rewriting one of those for a call for subs later this year. Three of the stories were published, which absolutely thrilled me.

2009 Publications

1) Like a Thousand Miles of Fire in Bite Me from Torquere Press

“Like a Thousand Miles of Fire” is is the story of a half-demon, Crystal Andraya, and her two vampire lovers, William and Miguel. They defy the rules of their world to be together, and as war looms between vampires and demons, the only place they can find strength and peace is in each other’s arms.

2) Beneath the Changing Moon in the Voracious Vamps line from Total E-Bound

Blurb: Amalia has always loved the way Darren challenged her with his friendship, but as he seduces her romantically and sexually, she knows eventually she will given in to what he truly wants and what is forbidden: the exchange of their blood.

In a world where vampires have almost died out, procreation is the responsibility of every fertile vampire. For Amalia Vallen, infertility is a curse. Not because she’s failing her society but because Darren Lin, the man she’s loved since they were children, is fertile.

Amalia fears their society – and, worse, Darren’s family – will reject their bonding because she can bear no vampire children. To Darren, it doesn’t matter; all he wants is Amalia’s love. As Amalia struggles to overcome the biases she’s internalised, Darren seduces her into romance, sex, and the most important vampire ritual, sharing blood.

3) Hunter, Prey in Like Tooth and Claw from Circlet Press

Blurb: “Hunter, Prey” is the story of Aisha, a black woman in her thirties who loves to hunt, both animals and sexual partners. Her Halloween fling with the strange and sexy Finn becomes something much more when she’s attacked by a mountain lion while deer hunting in the wilds of Missouri and suddenly she’s faced with a whole new meaning for the word hunter — and the word prey.

Though I primarily read and write werewolf stories, I have yet to sell one! I should try to remedy that in 2010. (The story still with a publisher is a werewolf story, though.)